Do I need a sewer repair?

sewer scope inspection denver image of technician with camera machine

Do you need a sewer repair? First, let me start by saying we are NOT the company to tell you that you need a sewer line repair. Just because it’s in our name, doesn’t mean we are pushing sewer services on people like Big Pharma pushes everything with a profit margin. Nonetheless, we wanted to cover what really are problems with the sewer or drain lines and when it is a matter of companies trying to make a buck. 

Do you have a sewer line problem, really? 

If your sewer or drain line is backing up or holding water (it won’t go down), there is a problem. Sometimes we have customers say that we caused their line to break and that “there was no problem before we came.” This isn’t true. There is 100% a problem before we arrived if 1) the line is backing up or not draining and 2) you called a professional to fix it. 

Now, on the contrary, if your sewer or drain line is NOT backing up, then it isn’t broken. This may sound like a no-brainer, but I have had customers tell me that their sewer line is broken but there are literally no reasons for them to believe that. One customer hadn’t had the drain cleaned yet to determine if it was a simple blockage and the other saw a sink hole in her yard, but her sewer was working fine. 

First things first 

Once it is determined whether or not there is a sewer line problem, then an attempt should be made to clean the line. This is an important step because the plumber can typically determine at that time if the line is simply clogged and then clear it, or that it is not able to be cleared. 

There is an important note here that not all plumbers, and in fact I will say that MOST plumbers are not drain cleaning specialists. This means they may give up, or decide it is easier to do a repair than try to clear the clog. 

It is 100% ok to get a second opinion, especially if they are not a drain specialist or if they are suggesting a sewer repair or replacement. 

Get a second opinion on your sewer scope

We always suggest getting at least one additional opinion/bid when you are told you need a repair or replacement to the line rather than a cleaning. This step can save you thousands of dollars, and I am not exaggerating when I say this. 

If you are in the greater Denver area, Garvin’s is happy to take a look at any estimate and video provided to give a free second opinion. If you aren’t given a written estimate or video, that is your first red flag. 

In most cases sewer lines can be cleaned rather than replaced, and we are specialists at opening lines that others have determined need replacement. In fact, we only suggest sewer line repairs for: 

  • Complete line closure due to roots (roots are penetrating more that ¾ of the circumference of the pipe for greater than one foot). 
  • Core (closure of line due to extreme levels of debris) 
  • Construction or foreign object debris that can’t be pushed through 
  • Creating a new access point for the sewer line 
  • Breaks in the line / Failed lines 
  • Replacement of Orangeburg 

What about what the other plumbers told me? 

There are opinions out there that say drain or sewer lines should always be replaced due to roots or bellies in the line, but we disagree – to a point. Most of the time, a sewer line can be cleared of roots. We only recommend replacement when they have completely closed the line or broken the line. 

In regards to bellies, we have seen sewers with 100 foot bellies (low spots in the line) that never fail because the customer does annual preventative maintenance. These services cost pennies on the dollar, making the cost of replacement unnecessary.  

This may not be true in the case of real estate transactions, however, as we have seen people be required to replace sewer lines with bellies in order for them to sell the home because it is a risk the new homeowner doesn’t want to take. This isn’t unusual, just as a new homeowner wouldn’t want to take a risk with an old water heater or furnace, old roof, etc. 

Garvin’s Sewer Service can help! 

As always, because we are known for our ethics and expertise, if you have questions, we are here to help with our professional opinion. Give us a call if we can be of assistance. 

After We’ve Verified That You Need Sewer Line Repair With Our Sewer Scope, What Are Your Options?


garvins_cta3Here at Garvin’s Sewer Service we don’t replace sewer lines. We have to admit, we’re pretty amazing at sewer cleaning, rooter service, and using a sewer snake. But when it comes to sewer line repair and replacement, we like to think of ourselves as a third-party consultant. In this way, you can know that when we use our sewer scope to identify the problem, we have no ulterior motives.

So, when you call Garvin’s to give our professional opinion as to whether or not you need a new sewer line, what can happen?

Let us verify that regular rooter service is or isn’t what you need: Some people have a backed up sewer line and immediately think that that’s the end of their sewer line. What the hydro-hypochondriacs don’t realize is that most sewer problems are taken care of with thorough rooter service. If that works, you might be good for years to come. If it works for only a short amount of time, then it might be time for…

Sending the Sewer Camera Down: Garvin’s offers sewer camera service, which we also call sewer scoping. While it can be relatively expensive, it’s an excellent way to find out what’s going on in your sewer line. Since we’re a third party, we can be completely honest about what we see. It can also give you a better indication of what you should do next.

Sewer Lining: Sewer lining might be an option for you, depending on how bad the break in your sewer line is. Sewer lining, also called CIPP (cured in place pipe), sends a resin-filled lining into your sewer pipe. The lining is then forced against the walls of the existing pipe with a bladder and hot water, and then in about an hour the resin hardens and the lining is permanently affixed to the inside of your old pipe.

Sewer Bursting: Sewer bursting sounds pretty dramatic, and that’s because it is! A small pipe is sent through your old sewer line and then connected to your new sewer line waiting on the other end. The small pipe then pulls the new pipe through your old pipe, destroying it as it goes. Essentially, your old pipe simply becomes the guide for the new one and is bursted as the new one forces its way through.

Trenching and Replacement: If you’re unaware of sewer lining or sewer bursting, you might think that trenching and replacement is the only way to go. However, there are times when those first two methods won’t work. Severe breaks, like when part of the pipe has collapsed into a sinkhole and alignment is no longer possible, might require you to have your sewer line replaced. In this case your yard will suffer, as your old sewer line will have to be removed and a new one installed. Replacement is the most expensive option and the most destructive to your property.

Garvin’s Sewer Service is always happy to check out your sewer system with our sewer camera, and if you need guidance on who to hire, we know of the companies that we’d trust with our own home. When you’re having problems, give us a call and we can help guide you through the process.




Top 3 Reasons You Want To Avoid Sewer Replacement


video_ctaHere at Garvin’s, we have to wince every time we drive by someone’s house and see that they’re having their entire sewer line replaced. We hope the homeowner took every step possible before they devoted themselves to such an endeavor, and that the company that they’ve chosen to replace their sewer line is one of the reputable ones. Far too many people are talked into sewer replacement even when they might not need it. Customers should know that there are sewer camera options that might tell you that you don’t even need your line replaced.

If you have another option to sewer replacement, you’ll probably want to take it. Sewer replacement can disrupt your life in so many ways. Here are some of the problems you should try to avoid if possible.

Save your lawn: Having your sewer line replaced wreaks havoc on your lawn. And it’s not just the obvious line that has to be dug out directly above your sewer line, either. You also have to deal with the tracks the backhoe leaves, which not only destroys your grass but also compacts the ground under its treads, preventing oxygen from reaching roots and making it harder for anything to grow there. Backhoes can also crack your sidewalk, and it’s unlikely the sewer line replacement company will take responsibility for it.

Save your trees: If the tree roots were the original cause of the pipe breakage and rooter service didn’t work, it might actually be unavoidable and advisable to remove the tree, especially if it’s of a species known to be particularly aggressive against sewer pipes.

The real problem would be if you lose the tree because it’s simply in the way. Losing a tree because it was planted in the wrong spot and has to be removed during sewer replacement can be heartbreaking.

Even if the tree is not fully removed, its health can be affected if too many of its roots are removed during the sewer replacement. Yet another reasons to avoid complete sewer replacement if possible.

Save your money: Sewer line replacement is one of the most expensive replacements that you have to undertake on your house, made all the worst by the fact that most insurance plans aren’t going to recover replacement. Imagine the cost of replacing your furnace, and then doubling it! The average sewer replacement costs between $5,000 and and $13,000, which is a house cost that almost no one is ready for. You’ll probably be paying for it for years.

What’s all this mean? Avoid sewer replacement if at all possible! First, if you’re having problems with your sewer and regular rooter service isn’t working, let Garvin’s employ our sewer camera and we can give you an unbiased, third party review of your sewer line’s health with our sewer scope. There’s always the chance that there’s a complete break and you’ll have to have everything replaced, but if you can avoid it it’s a good idea to have all of your options. Contact Garvin’s at the first sign of trouble!




Getting To Know The Sewer Camera A Bit Better

Sewer cameras are pretty amazing pieces of equipment.

“Say cheese, Grease Monster partially made of cheese!”

Sometimes sewer cleaning goes perfectly smooth…you need rooter service, we send down the sewer snake, it chops up everything, you sigh with relief that your drains work again, and we head off to fight clogs in another neighborhood.

But sometimes there are bigger problems…clogs that just don’t want to go away or pipes that have had a major break. Of course, you can’t be sure which one it is, and you don’t want to go digging up your front lawn every time there’s a mystery blockage.

That’s where the sewer camera comes in. The sewer camera was developed so that we can figure out exactly what’s going on in your lateral pipe (it works much better than a mirror and a flashlight!). So what makes a sewer camera so special, and how is it different from a GoPro strapped to a rat’s back?

The Camera: We’re not sending just any camera down the drain. These cameras have sapphire lenses that are scratch-resistant in case they bump into anything hard. Of course it’s waterproof, and the really cool thing is that it’s self-leveling so that the images doesn’t twist and turn when it’s in your pipes.

We want to see as much as possible, as it’s important that we don’t miss anything. That’s why the sewer scope has an array of high-intensity lights surrounding the lens that light up anything the camera is pointed at. It’s a small space, so the camera lens is wide angle so that we can see from edge to edge.

The Control Box: The control box contains the controls for the lights and camera, as well as a video screen. It also houses the DVD recorder, and it’s important for the footage to be recorded so that it can be inspected later in case you want a second opinion. It also makes it much easier for you to view the footage without everyone having to be crowded around the control box as the inspection is happening!

The Cable: Unlike typical rooter service, the cable that that lens is attached to doesn’t have to punch through tree roots and clogs. The cable is often hand-fed into your line so that the process and final video footage is as smooth as possible.

The Technician: Perhaps the most important part of the sewer scope is the person who is performing the inspection. While it’s great that the camera allows us to see at such a wide angle, this image is distorted and can make small problems look huge. It’s important to have a sewer expert who can properly interpret the image that appears on screen so that no one overreacts and starts digging up the yard prematurely.

Sewer scopes are great because they can locate not only what the problem is but also the exact location of a problem. If you’re having repeated sewer problems, contact Garvin’s Sewer Service and we’ll send down the sewer camera to find out exactly what’s going wrong.




Sewer Snake? No, Sewer Turtles!


The Sewer Snake, danger in the sewers!

Sewer Snake: Coming soon to a toy store near you!

In a recent blog we made reference to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who live in the New York sewers and fight crime in their Turtlemobile. And it got us thinking…how on earth did they never face an enemy named Sewer Snake?! That episode would write itself! And as Denver’s premier sewer service, we started thinking some more: we can believe the part about mutated turtles the size of men. We can believe that they would be smart enough to retrofit their van into a vehicle with means of dispatching hordes of bad ninjas. But living in the sewer? Sorry, but that just doesn’t work.

Why? Because sewers are terrible, terrible places. That’s why we get paid to deal with them instead of doing it as a hobby; it’s a disgusting job that very few people want to do. So what are the limitations to our friends the TMNT living in the sewers?

Sewer Gas –  Human waste releases a large amount of methane as it decomposes. This poses two problems for our turtle pals. First of all, you can’t breath methane, and if it displaces all of the oxygen it will asphyxiate you. Turtles can hold their breath for a long time, but they can’t live indefinitely without oxygen.

Second, the Turtles are always building something in the sewer, often using welding equipment (how do you think Donatello tricked out the Turtlemobile, anyway?) At the very least, the methane will catch fire, which is bad enough until you realize that burned methane causes carbon monoxide, another deadly asphyxiant. At worst methane can explode if there’s a high enough methane-oxygen combination.

Pathogens Most animals are averse to the smell of feces because it’s a concentrated harborer of pathogens, and it’s important to get away from it. Bodies get rid of it because it was something it didn’t need or something that would actively harm our body. Modern sanitation has saved hundreds of millions of lives by getting our waste far away from us quickly.

Now, forget that the Turtles would have to deal with the constant smell that’s in a sewer; maybe their mutated noses simply don’t mind. But (most) animals don’t just avoid their own waste, they also avoid the waste of other animals. Many parasites don’t care what animal they’re in, and some bacteria and viruses cross not only species but also class (think avian flu, which can infect birds and humans). Heck, even box turtles that people keep at home transmit salmonella.

The Turtles would have a hard…nay, impossible time staying healthy if they lived in the sewer. Even Sewer Snake would be at risk!

They’d Lose Friends Here’s something that most people don’t think about…in order for you to smell something, a particle of it has fly into your nose and latch onto one of your olfactory receptors. So when you’re in a sewer, you’re walking through those particles constantly, and it’s going to get into your clothes. And when you go to the surface you’re going to be taking that smell up with you. The Turtles would smell terrible when they reached the surface, and not even April O’Neil would want to hang out with them.

Their Shells – Their shells are just too big to fit through standard manhole covers. Just sayin’.

BUT…! – Despite what the shows and the comics and the movies say, maybe they don’t actually live in the sewer! Maybe instead they live in the storm drain, sometimes called storm sewers. Since storm drains don’t contain blackwater like a traditional sewer system, the TMNT could avoid the dangers mentioned above. Living in a storm drain, the only thing they have to worry about would be a flood, which could be avoided if they had the proper barriers in place. And even if they got trapped, they could probably hold their breath until the waters receded (the Turtlemobile would get soaked, though).

So there you have it: four reasons the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles couldn’t live in the sewer, and one reason why they might actually be living in the storm drains. And Hollywood, if you need any more information on Sewer Snake, give us a call




Buying A Pre-existing Home? Make Sure You Let The Professionals Take Care Of Your Sewer Inspection


Sewer inspection requires expert use of a sewer cameraIf you’re about to buy a pre-owned home, you’ve probably been told that a sewer inspection is a good idea. We wholeheartedly agree with this, because you never know the information that the previous homeowner might be holding back from you regarding the health of the soon-to-be-yours sewer system.

We’ve noticed a trend lately where home inspectors have started offering sewer inspections on their list of home inspection line items. They’re not necessarily including it in their home inspection; rather, it’s an additional service that you can buy from them.

But we’ve got a couple of reasons why you’ll probably want to go with professional sewer inspectors like Garvin’s Sewer Service instead of relying on a traditional home inspector.

They might not have the proper training with the equipment: Sewer cameras can be tricky…they’re certainly not point-and-shoot! While anyone with a decent amount of money can buy one, it doesn’t mean that simply reading the manual is going to be enough to make full use of it during a sewer inspection.

They might not have the best equipment: Sewer cameras are expensive. Well, a good sewer camera is expensive. (It’s similar to hiring a wedding photographer…if they show up with a camera that you can get at Walmart, you’re not going to be happy with your wedding photos). There are cheaper versions of sewer scopes out there, but we wouldn’t be caught with them because they just don’t let you see what you really need to see when you’re camera is down the sewer drain pipe.

They might not know what they’re looking at: We deal with sewer pipes and drains all day, every day. We know sewer lines, and we know what to look for and if there’s going to be trouble. While a home inspector deserves due respect for knowing a lot about many parts of a house, most of them aren’t familiar with what is considered “normal” in a sewer pipe.

So what’s it all mean?: If you have an erroneous reading of your sewer inspection, it could hurt you in one of two ways. First, a home inspector could miss something in your sewer drain pipe that’s about to turn catastrophic…if they miss a pipe that’s deteriorated to the point of collapse, you could be swimming in sewage weeks after you move in. On the opposing side, they could overstate perfectly natural problems that aren’t that bad and cause you to back out of a perfectly good house deal. If they see easily-removable tree roots at pipe joints and that makes you run from a deal, you might have missed out on your dream home.

Don’t have a home inspector check your sewer system. Trust the professionals who know the ins-and-out of a professional sewer camera with our sewer inspection. Trust in Garvin’s Sewer Service and give us a call today.



Why You’ll Want To Have A Sewer Inspection Before You Buy A House

Why you'll want a sewer inspection with a sewer scope before you buy a home

So you’re looking for a house…congratulations! It can be an exciting time, but as excited as you are you don’t want to rush the process and forget some very important steps.

If you’re buying a pre-existing house, you’re going to call a house inspector to check everything out. He’ll make sure the furnace works, that there’s no obvious mold, that the shingles still have life in them, and that it’s structurally sound.

So if you’re having all of the above-ground parts of the house checked out, why not the pipes that are leading your wastewater away? Having a sewer inspection done by a professional is a great way to make sure that you’re not going to have sewer problems anytime soon that are going to cause you many thousands of dollars in repair, as well as potential thousands in damage to your basement.

Legally, people have to disclose any major defects in the house before they sell it. But after you buy the house and find out that they didn’t disclose something, you’ll have to sure them, and even then the chance of you winning is small if you can’t prove that they knew about it.

So what can a sewer camera inspection do for you before you buy a house?

Find out if the sewer line is broken: This is truly the most important thing we can do for you when we bring out the sewer scope. We can send the sewer camera down and see if there are any problems that are in your future. Are there just a few bellies that are collecting water, or do you have a break in the pipe that’s letting in mud and large roots? We can tell you if the sewer pipe is on its last legs or if it looks amazingly good for having been there 50 years.

Find out if your sewers are about to back up: While a clogged sewer line isn’t necessarily a sign that it’s going to break soon, it is a good idea to get in there and find out just how much the roots are infiltrating the pipes. If it is running slow because of blockage, you can probably negotiate the with the previous owner to get it all cleaned out before the sale goes through. It’s certainly better than having your sewer back up in a few months!

Don’t judge by the age of the house: You might think that’s it’s more likely a house that’s been around 30 years would need repair more than one that’s only been around 10 years. Not always. It’s possible that the one from 30 years ago was better installed than a more newly built house…after all, not all jobs are done to the same high standards. A newer house could also suffer because the ground underneath the pipe wasn’t compacted enough, allowing it to bend more in the ground. Or perhaps the newer house had a species of tree planted above it that just wreaks havoc with sewer lines. In the end, you can’t judge the health of a sewer line based on the age of the house.

Before you buy a house, make sure to get Garvin’s out to bring the sewer camera and check the health of your future sewer line. Call today!




3 Reasons You Might Need Us To Send Down A Sewer Camera

video_ctaWe admit it…most of the time we like to root first and ask questions later. If all of your drains are running slow and it’s the first time this is happening to you (or even the first time in a year), it’s unlikely we’re going to suggest you opt for an expensive sewer camera inspection first. We’ll just go ahead and do some rooter service to try to dislodge whatever is causing your water to flow out of your house so slowly.

But if we send down the sewer snake and have an impossible time getting through, it might be time to enlist the help of a sewer camera, AKA a sewer scope. It’s a flexible camera that heads down into your sewer pipe just like a sewer snake would, but instead of spinning blades of clog-death, there’s a wide-angle camera and a light on the end that sends back live video of exactly what’s going on in a sewer pipe. Sewer cameras are quite expensive and require quite a bit of training to get the right images out of, so it is an additional expense that we only recommend when we think something is really wrong with your sewer system. (Beware of sewer inspectors who offer this service for free. Why? Read all about it here.)

There are a few common reasons why you might need us to do a sewer inspection with our sewer scopes. Let’s take a look at them:

A Monster Clog: If you’re a photographer, you’re not going to take your massive 600mm lens every time you take your kids to the park. Likewise, every van of ours isn’t going to have our huge main-liner rooter just sitting the back. If you have the clog of the century, we might have to send down the sewer scope to see exactly what’s happening and to determine the best way to attack it.

A Mystery Clog: Let’s say you call us in March because you’re having sewer trouble. We clean everything out and it’s all perfect for a few months. But then the clog comes back. At this point, we need to know exactly what’s going on down there. Do you have the world’s most ambitious tree and its roots are growing back at an alarming rate? Have you been pouring bacon grease down the sink and flushing a steady stream of paper towels down the toilet, but you’re too embarrassed to admit it? If a clog keeps coming back there has to be a reason, and that’s why we need eyes on it.

It could be a monster clog or a mystery clog, but we won’t know that until we get the sewer scope down there. In fact, it might not be either of those things, but instead a…

Broken Sewer Line: If we can’t get your water flowing, there’s a good chance that it’s a broken sewer line. We certainly don’t want to tell you this, because we know that a broken sewer line is an expensive proposition. But the sewer camera will confirm or deny that that’s your problem, and at that point we can give you the names of the most reputable sewer replacement experts here in Denver.

If you need a sewer scope, Garvin’s is there to give you the best possible solution to your problem. Call us today for all your drain and sewer cleaning needs!




When You Need A Sewer Inspection With Our Sewer Scope


garvins_cta3It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about this, but it bears repeating over and over because it could save you thousands of dollars.

Some people call us wondering if we do free sewer inspections with our sewer scope. When we say “no” they’re always surprised (and a few of them angry.) After all, they trust us here at Garvin’s and want to use us for their sewer service, but they wonder why we don’t offer free sewer camera inspections when they’ve seen advertisements for companies who will do it for free.

We’ve bought more than a few sewer scopes over the years, and we know how expensive they are. And we know just how much we’re paying our sewer experts and what most of them at other companies are getting paid. So we know it’s expensive to buy the camera and to send someone out to use it…how can other companies possibly be offering this service for free?

We know the unfortunate answer to this question. They offer this service for free because they want to convince you that your sewer line is busted. And if they can do that, they can sell you a $10,000+ sewer line replacement, destroying your lawn and hurting your trees in the process.

So how does this scam work, and what can be done to avoid it?

They’ll show you a fake video: If steam could come out of our ears, this is when it would happen! Sometimes these charlatans will simply show you a fake video! They’ll send the sewer scope down your sewer line, but they might not even be checking to see what’s wrong. They simply give you a DVD of someone else’s broken line to convince you that your’s is broken! (The best way to avoid this is to watch as they do it and make sure the video that you’re given corresponds to what you see live.)

They’ll show you your real video: Okay, so let’s say you’ve verified that the video they’re showing you is actually your sewer line. At this point they’ll sit down with you and point out everything that’s wrong with your sewer line. They might say “look at how the roots are coming in through that break” (when in reality tree roots are perfectly normal and they might be pointing out a man-made joint.) They might say “look at how all the water is collecting here” (and might simply be pointing out a perfectly natural “belly” in the line that isn’t doing any harm). They’ll point out perfectly normal variances of your sewer line and suggest that you need a whole new line.

So, how can we fight this? Well, Garvin’s will take a free second look at your DVD and give you our opinion. We don’t sell sewer repair services, so we can give you our honest opinion. Sure, you may have roots and need rooter service, but think how many decades of rooter service you can get before you equal the $10,000 that other company was going to charge you!

If you’re having constant sewer line problems, Garvin’s is happy to perform sewer camera service for you, but we’ll charge you a fair price and give you the most honest opinion around (again, we have nothing to gain if it’s determined you do need sewer line repair). If you think you need the sewer scope, give Garvin’s a call today!



The Tools Of Sewer Cleaners: Sewer Cameras, Rooters, Jetters, and More!:


call-us_ctaWhen you’re in need of rooter service or drain cleaning, we know that you’re probably not in the best mood. After all, the stuff that usually leaves your home with no problem just won’t leave as quickly or as thoroughly as you’d like, so you’re probably more than a little worried about your sewer system.

Depending on the problems you’ve outlined to our customer service representative, we can load up our truck with a variety of equipment to help you get your drains and sewer lines flowing again. Some we bring every time, some we bring only on special occasions.

Garvin’s Uniform: While you might not think of a uniform as a tool at first, it plays an important part in the relationship you have with Garvin’s. First of all, it tells you that’s it’s okay to open the door, because this sewer specialist is from the place you called. Second, it represents quality; we’re not contracting your job out to a lesser company. Instead, you’re getting Garvin-trained professionals with our 75-years of Denver sewer cleaning experience behind them.

Protective foot coverings: If we’re heading into your unfinished basement through the cellar door, we probably won’t need to put on foot coverings. But if you’re concerned for your carpet, don’t hesitate to ask. We have protective foot coverings because we truly want to give your home the respect it deserves. After all, we’re there to make your home better!

Protective mats: Depending on the job we’re there for, protective mats and protective covers might be used. This can help protect your floor and sink, though for smaller jobs like drain cleaning such protection might not be necessary. After all, we’re very good with our equipment, so the chances of us causing a huge mess is pretty small. If you’re in the middle of a sewer emergency, protecting your furnace room floor might be the least of your worries!

Rooters: Rooters, also called sewer snakes, power snakes, or plumber’s snakes, are the workhorses of our business. They are tried and true and have been around for decades. They work to mechanically dislodge clogs and clean the insides of sewer pipes and drains with sharp blades. Rooters used inside are plugged in for their power. Truck-based rooters are gasoline powered.

Sewer Jetters: Sewer jetters are next-generation rooters.Sewer jetters are considerably more complex because you’re adding water to the mix. Imagine if a traditional rooter and a pressure washer had a baby…that’s the sewer jetter! Sewer jetters can physically break through the clog and also attack it with backward-spraying pressurized water.

Sewer Cameras: Sewer cameras, aka sewer scopes, are a great way to find out exactly what’s going on in our sewer line. It has a tiny camera at the end of a coil that can show us why you might be having repeated trouble with clogs. A sewer scope procedure is a an additional charge, so it’s usually only necessary if you’re having symptoms of a broken line.

Stellar Service!: What else do we bring with us? Stellar service! We’re dedicated to giving you the best drain and sewer cleaning in Denver, so we train our technicians to deliver on our promises. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call today and we’ll bring everything it takes to do the job right.