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Resolve Sewer Line Clogs With Expert Care

The rules of physics explain that what goes up must come down. However, the rules of plumbing state that whatever goes down your sewer line must never come up!

Your plumbing is designed to wash waste away down your drain and into your sewer line, but when clogs form, complications arise. Without a professional solution, you put yourself at risk for sewage backups and increased damage. Learn how our team at Garvin’s Plumbing and Sewer can help you address this issue!

What Are Sewer Line Clogs?

With the flush of a toilet or the turn of a faucet, you may think that you’re saying goodbye to waste. In reality, it still has a ways to go before it’s off your property. Once the waste goes down your drains, it’ll flow through your pipes and into the main sewer line before finally flowing away.

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However, if your home’s sewer pipes are experiencing a blockage, the waste will become trapped. This can result in serious plumbing consequences.

Here are some of the things that cause these clogs to occur:

  • Hair buildup
  • Grease and oils
  • Wipes or napkins
  • Improper food disposal

When something is clogging your sewer line, your convenience and your health are both put at risk.

Don’t let unsafe conditions linger. Instead, learn how to recognize the problem so that you can take steps toward a speedy solution.

Know When To Schedule Sewer Line Cleaning Services

As nice as it would be, your sewer line can’t post a flashing sign, signaling that a problem is present. Instead, it has to let you know through much more subdued signals.

Here are warning signs that you’ll need to be on the lookout for:

  • Bubbling toilets — Disruptions in your pipe can create air pockets that lead to bubbling.
  • Slow drainage — When your sewer line is clogged, water will move slowly as it struggles to go down.
  • Sewer smells — When waste is lodged in your pipes, the smell will linger and find its way into your home.
  • Gurgling noises — Air trying to pass through clogs can result in abnormal sounds.
  • Infestations — The blockage in your sewer can attract a variety of pests to your home.

If you spot signs of an issue, call our professional plumbing team! We’ll treat the problem with the urgency it deserves, fighting tough clogs to restore the health of your pipes.

Our sewer service can also provide a professional fix that eliminates health hazards, making it a worthy investment!

Sewer Line Backups: The Risk Of Unresolved Clogs

Your sewer line is, undeniably, a gross place to be. It receives all the waste that leaves your home — including what goes down your shower drain, your garbage disposal and even your toilet. The last thing you want is residue from your sewer line backing up into your home.

Unfortunately, when your pipes become clogged, this becomes a real possibility. Under normal circumstances, your waste would flow in one direction down your sewer line. However, if blockages form a barrier, there’s not much of an option — if the waste can’t go down, it’ll come back up.

This return can bring bacteria and parasites into your home, causing greater problems to deal with. To avoid this potential consequence, contact a sewer line cleaning plumber at the first sign of trouble.

How Does Main Sewer Line Cleaning Work?

When your sewer line is experiencing stubborn clogs, you can count on us to face off against the problem. To determine the best course of action for your pipes, we’re able to perform camera inspections. This gives us the chance to see the problem and lets us understand the best way to address the issue.

Using a drain snake, we can enter the line into your pipes, dislodging and removing the clog. However, some blockages require more powerful solutions. In these cases, you can count on our Englewood hydrojetting services to tackle the issue.

Count On Our Team For Sewer Repairs And Replacements

Sometimes, a main sewer line cleaning isn’t enough to solve your sewer line problems. If the clog is severe, pressure can cause leaks or cracks in your plumbing, which will also need to be addressed. Additionally, if the cause of the clog was a tree root forcing its way into your pipes, this will require professional attention to repair.

Our team at Garvin’s can provide sewer line repairs and replacements that bring proper plumbing conditions back to your home. Whether you’re looking for trenchless sewer repairs or a more traditional approach to addressing pipe problems, our team can guide you through the process!

Set Your Sewer Line Up For Success With Garvin’s Expert Service

Your home is in good hands when Garvin’s Plumbing and Sewer is on the job! We understand that sewer line clogs are a major disruption to your home, which is why we’re here to provide quick and efficient service to address your concerns. Reach out today to set up your service in Englewood.

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