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A relaxing day in Englewood can quickly turn into a time of turmoil when plumbing issues arise. This is especially true if you find your sump pump or ejector pump systems are no longer working! These devices are responsible for transporting water and waste away from your home, and when they aren’t in prime condition, you put your home and health at risk.

Your home deserves the very best — and so do you! When sump pump or ejector pump problems get the best of your property, you can count on Garvin’s Plumbing and Sewer to come to the rescue. Learn more about how we can help.

Sump Pumps vs. Ejector Pumps: Understanding Their Importance

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When it comes to sump pumps and ejector pumps, both systems play a crucial role in enhancing your plumbing and protecting your home. Despite the similarity of these basic functions, they actually perform two very different roles.

Trust our team to break down the differences as we share the following information:

  • How these systems work
  • The consequences of damaged systems
  • Signs you need to schedule professional service

At Garvin’s, we want the best for your home and plumbing systems.

That starts with ensuring you have a proper understanding of what your sump and ejector pumps are and how our services can help!

How Does A Sump Pump Installation Help Your Home?

Think of your home as a fortress and rainfall as a sneaky opponent that’s trying desperately to invade your property. With a roof over your head and walls to block out moisture, the water takes its battle underground.

Once the rainfall is absorbed into the soil, it can spread to your home and wreak havoc as it enters through a basement or crawlspace. The consequences of this can include flooding, foundation damage and more. Sump pumps offer a solution to this problem.

They’re able to collect water in a sump basin. Once the basin is full enough to trigger a float switch, the water is pumped up and out of your home, carrying it far enough away to no longer be a risk. This method isn’t just a defense for rainfall though. It also combats snowmelt or even overflow from a garden hose or irrigation system.

How To Determine Who Needs A Sump Pump

Despite how important sump pumps are for certain households, not every home will need one. So, how do you know who does?

If you have a basement or crawlspace, this is a clear sign you need a sump pump. However, local landscapes and weather patterns can be other indicators. If you have any doubts about whether or not a sump pump is necessary, reach out to our team at Garvin’s! We understand the needs of our local climate and can provide a personalized recommendation for your home.

The Role Of A Sewer Ejector Pump In Your Plumbing

Modern homes are connected to a sewer line, which is where water and waste will flow after going down your drains. Typically, gravity acts as a helping hand to complete this process with ease — the water flows down your drains and into your pipes, where it will then meet your sewage line.

This process isn’t as simple for appliances on lower levels of a property. That’s because plumbing connections located below the main sewer line can’t rely on gravity to carry the waste where it needs to go. If you have washing machines, sinks or toilets in your basement, an ejector pump becomes vital for safe waste removal.

Ejector pumps are designed to collect the waste and water that flows from these lower-level drains. Once the basement ejector pump is holding a certain amount of material, it will pump it up to the main sewer level, ridding your property of it.

Should I Get A Sump Pump If My House Is Built On A Slope?

Residents of Englewood, CO, are no strangers to the state’s breathtaking hilly landscapes. However, this geography can also pose a risk to homes in the area, specifically those built on sloped surfaces. If your house has a basement below ground level or rests on a slope, you may want to consider a sump pump system.

Mountains and steep hills produce runoff, creating a possibility of flooding indoors. This efficient plumbing mechanism prevents water from accumulating in the lower points of your household. Garvin’s is here to assist you with the installation process, protecting your residence from potential floodwater damage in Englewood and surrounding areas.

Know When To Schedule Your Ejector + Sump Pump Replacement

Ejector pumps and sump pumps share a similar lifespan, lasting only about a decade before a replacement is needed. When the time comes to say goodbye to your current plumbing systems, our team is ready to provide you with reliable installations for your new ones.

Old age isn’t the only thing to watch out for though. Contact a professional plumber if you notice any of the following problems:

  • The system runs constantly
  • Strange noises come from your unit
  • Power won’t turn on
  • Rust is found on the pump system

The above are all issues that can indicate both sump pump or ejector pump system failure. At Garvin’s, our team can assess the situation and determine whether or not a replacement is necessary.

Whether you need a new basement sump pump, a reliable replacement for your ejector pump or both, we provide efficient services and effective solutions.

Ejector And Sump Pump Repairs In Englewood

At Garvin’s, it’s our mission to ensure that the homes in our community are set up to perform their plumbing functions safely. A damaged sump pump might not be able to clear the water it collects, causing the basin to overflow. This can result in flooding and water damage to your property.

On a similar note, ejector pump errors can also lead to an overflow. Only this time, hazardous waste material will be a part of it. This can once again cause damage to your home as well as put your health at risk.

When you have a clog that needs to be cleared or a part that needs to be fixed, our team is here to meet the needs of your sump pump and ejector pump systems. Our reliable repair services will get your plumbing systems working right!

Call Garvin’s For Guaranteed Results

Protect your home with reliable plumbing solutions! Whether you need help repairing the sump pump in your basement or replacing a sewage ejector pump that’s past its prime, we can help!

At Garvin’s Plumbing and Sewer, our team is well-versed in the requirements of residential plumbing solutions. No matter what problem you face with your plumbing systems, you can count on us to provide reliable guidance. Give us a call today to set up your service!

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