Plumbing Contractors Denver: 3 Things to Ask Before Hiring One

Plumbing Contractors are one of the BBB’s most complained about industries. Plumbers, along with auto mechanics are doing a ton of business each and every day of the year. Consider how many homes with running water and sewer, or for that matter, how many cars are on the road in Denver, and it’s easy to see how many customers are being served every day by a technician in either industry.

For every complaint, hopefully then, there are thousands of customers who are happy. So how can you ensure you will be one of the satisfied customers of one of the many plumbing contractors in Denver? Of course, there is never a guarantee in the service industry, as mistakes happen, but there are a few clues to look for in order to improve the chances of success.

When shopping for Plumbing Contractors in Denver, ask these questions:

How long have they been in business?

Longevity shows a variety of information- how they run business, how they deal with customers, the amount of their customer retention and their reliability. After all, if a business isn’t run well and/or doesn’t do right by their customers, they will not last in business. We knew of a very short lived plumbing company who had more complaints than accolades, so longevity is a measure of a quality plumbing contractor.

How is their reputation?

With today’s online research, you can learn nearly everything about a company- if they have a presence. That online presence should include information found on the BBB, and other review sites such as Yelp, or even Facebook Reviews, for additional confirmation of good reputation that are unsolicited and unpaid. Paid reviews are considered ads- so look for unsolicited and objective reviews. Read the content to determine if the review is valid (for example they didn’t receive one star because the plumber didn’t pet their cat or five stars because an employee wrote the review).

What are their policies around customer service?

Do they offer service guarantees and are clear about expectations or is everything done “on a handshake”? Reputable plumbing contractors will have quotes and invoices in writing and communicate what they will be doing before work begins. Not all plumbing companies will quote pricing over the phone, but at least when the job is seen, a good faith estimate should be given. If they can’t give you a price range or timeline, they are likely not the best plumbing contractors for you.


Do you have questions about Plumbing Contractors, the work they provide or how the process of hiring one works? Garvin’s Sewer Service has been serving Greater Denver and Boulder homeowners since 1940 and is happy to answer your questions. We have an A+ rating with the BBB, even after all these years! Please give us a call at 303-571-5114 any time, day or night, to speak to an employee who can answer your questions.

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