5 Things A Typical Sewer Drain Company Won’t Tell You…But We Will!


There are many reasons that a company might clam up when it comes to your sewer drain system. After all, if they don’t tell you the problems to avoid, maybe you’ll make them again and have to call them back for more repairs.

Here at Garvin’s we’re very interested in being your go-to when it comes to sewer drain cleaning. But we’re not interested in sitting back and watching people sabotage their system, either. Here are a few serious situations that your typical sewer service might not help you avoid.

Your Sewer Pipe Isn’t Broken: Here’s the worst of the worst. Some sewer cleaners will send down a sewer camera and convince you that your sewer pipe is broken when, in fact, it’s only clogged. They might overstate the problems they see in the video, or even show you a fake video! Why? So that they can sell you a complete sewer line replacement, of course, costing upwards of $10,000!

Since we don’t do sewer line replacements, we can be completely unbiased when we stop by with our sewer camera. We can tell you if you really need a sewer line replacement or not.

Grease – A less-than-reputable sewer cleaner will notice just how much grease they’re finding in a drain and just bank on the possibility that they’ll have to be back in just a couple of months to deal with it again, instead of telling you the best way to avoid the grease in the first place. We’ve written blog after blog about the problems of sending grease down the drain, so we won’t belabor the point here.

Flushable Doesn’t Mean Flushable – This one isn’t so much on the sewer cleaners as it is on the product marketers. Some products such as baby wipes and feminine hygiene products are labeled as “flushable” when it’s actually a really bad idea to flush them. Yes, they do go down the toilet, and in that way they are “flushable.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re gone, as some of these products will just sit in your sewer system, catching more and more stuff as it goes by. Add a few tree roots to the situation and you’ve got a rooter service-needing clog before you know it.

Chemical Drain Cleaners – Chemical drain cleaners are dangerous, but they can also cause damage to your pipes and valves. Some plumbers will just let you keep destroying them so that they can suggest you get your pipes replaced. Instead of chemical drain cleaners, keep a sinks-only plunger handy. If that’s not working, give Garvin’s a call for mechanical or sewer jetter cleaning.

Keep The Hair Out – Hair is one of the biggest clog culprits, catching everything that comes after it like a spider web. A $2 hair catcher in your shower or tub could save you hundreds on sewer drain cleaning.

Garvin’s Sewer Service is dedicated to bringing the absolute best in sewer cleaning to Denver and the entire front range. We want you to call us whenever you need sewer cleaning, but we also want to be neighborly and help you take care of your own sewer system. Stay clean!