How Important Is Plumbing And Sewer Service To You?


Let’s talk about human history for a second. Did you fall asleep yet? No? Good.

Some people look down on plumbers and those who work with sewage. But do you know why we’re so proud to offer sewer repair and plumbing service? Because two things have increased human life longevity and productivity more than any other, and they both involve water.

Clean water: You’ve probably heard about the need for clean water in developing countries. Perhaps your church has had a fundraiser for them, or you heard about a kickstarter campaign for some gadget that cleans well water. Why is clean water so important? First of all, it keeps people from dying…big reason right there. But it also helps people from getting sick, and that’s important because sick people just aren’t as productive to a society.

Imagine if you were sick and in bed for months every year simply because you drank some water from the nearest well. You take it for granted, but your clean water keeps you from getting horrible diseases that could kill or debilitate you, and it makes our society more efficient.

Waste removal: We’re living in an amazing country where just about every single person can say goodbye to their waste with the push of a lever. Go back in time a hundred years and the streets were running with human and horse waste. Literally…running…


Sewer service keeps us healthy

                               Watch your step. Every step…


We’re meant to get away from our waste, not just because it’s the stuff our body doesn’t need anymore, but because our body has gotten rid of stuff that could make us sick. Sewer drains take it out of our house so that it can’t bother us anymore. Unless you need sewer cleaning, in which case you’d better call us so that we can help send it on its way.

If society ever collapses…zombie apocalypse, deadly pandemic, meteor hitting the earth…people are going to want their electricity back, but they don’t need it. They’re going to want indoor heating, but they can put on another coat. But anyone involved in waterworks is going to be king!

We’ll try not to lord it over you too much. 🙂