Renovating An Apartment Complex? Don’t Forget About the Commercial Drain and Sewer Cleaning


Get sewer cleaning when renovating apartmentsWhether you’re a contractor working on an apartment complex, an owner who is looking to flip an apartment, or are renovating after many years on an old apartment, there’s one invisible aspect of the renovation that you certainly don’t want to ignore, and that’s drain cleaning and sewer cleaning for every apartment you’ve got.

You might wonder, why is it so important to get every single drain cleaned, including each sink, kitchen, and toilet? Glad you asked. When a renter doesn’t own an apartment, they’re just not going to take as good a care of it as they would if they owned the place. Many people send stuff

down the drain and don’t give it a second thought, thinking that “I’ll be moved out of here before anything goes wrong” or “if it clogs, I’ll let the super deal with it.” They’d think differently if they were the ones who had to clean the mess, but they’re not. You’re the one who has to deal with the drain cleaning here in Denver.

Kitchen sinks: One of the biggest offenders in an apartment complex is the kitchen sink. That’s because people don’t think twice about sending grease down the drain. Most people subscribe to the “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” idea and they think that the grease is gone for good. Well, because grease cools so quickly, it didn’t go far. Sure, it might make it a foot down the drain, and then another foot the next time they send boiling water down the drain.

But eventually it’s going to be at a distance where all of the water cools in the pipes before it reaches the grease, and that’s when the bad stuff really starts to happen. It starts picking up everything that passes by, including those potato peels that they thought were a good idea to send down the drain. Eventually (maybe with your next very dissatisfied tenant) it’s going to back up and cause a problem for everyone.

Toilets: If a kitchen sink backs up, you turn off the water and the floor is saved. If a bathtub drain backs up, you turn off the water and the floor is saved. But when a toilet backs up, there aren’t many tenants out there with the quick-thinking to stop the fresh water from coming in and sending the horrible mess all over the floor.

If the new tenant knows that it wasn’t their fault, it’s likely they’re not going to think much of your plumbing system. All of this could have been fixed with preemptive sewer cleaning and drain cleaning from Garvin’s Sewer Service.

Showers and Tubs: If your next tenant moves in (the one after the renovation) and they’re taking a shower, they don’t want to be standing in the shower two weeks later and have it back up on them. At that point, it’s pretty obvious that their hair hasn’t had enough time to back up, so it must be the hair from the previous occupant…and that just makes you look like you don’t care about what goes on in the drains.

All of these problems can be fixed with the right sewer and drain cleaning. You owe it to yourself to be able to keep your next renters and keep the turnover low. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call and we’ll take care of every drain you manage.




Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Have Us On Speed Dial If You Need Emergency Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning during the holidaysNow that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to start thinking of Christmas. Will you be having someone over? Maybe lots of someones? Or will you heading to someone else’s place for the holiday. Either way, we’ve got some advice on how you can make things go very smoothly.

If You’re Having People Over: If you’re having people over, your plumbing is going to have a lot more demands put on it than usual. The age of your house and the neighborhood you’re in will probably have a huge impact on how this all goes down [pun intended]. If you’ve had sewer problems before and sewer cleaning hasn’t helped, you might just close your eyes and hope for the best. Unfortunately, that’s going to cause a lot of uncomfortable situations when people flush the toilet and it doesn’t go away. Then they have to awkwardly ask for a plunger, and that’s all they’ll ever remember every time they use your bathroom in the future.

The easiest way to deal with this is honesty. You don’t have to make the announcement that you have slow plumbing the second they walk in the door, but putting a sticky note beside the toilet paper saying something like “please be sparing with the toilet paper, as we’ve had slow drains lately. Multiple flushes recommended!” It’s better to deal with the problem preemptively than having you bathroom floors covered in water.

If You’re Going Someplace Else: The most important thing to remember when heading to someone else’s bathroom for the holidays (okay, that sounded weird, but you know what we mean) is that their plumbing is not your plumbing. They might have been having problems with their drains and haven’t gotten around to proper drain cleaning yet. Stuff that goes down at your place might not even attempt to drain at someone else’s.

So go easy on it while you’re there. And if we learned anything from Dumb and Dumber, it’s this: maybe give it a flush first to make sure that the toilet itself is working before you try to send anything of yours down.

The Takeaway: There are two basic ideas to take away from this, First  if you haven’t had drain cleaning and sewer cleaning in a while, right before guests arrive might be a great time to make sure everything is in great shape before you put your sewer system to the test. Second, make sure you have the information you need (and need to pass along) before making full use of the drains.

Ready to get ready for the holidays? Put a bow on it with proper sewer and drain cleaning from Garvin’s Sewer Service, celebrating 75 Christmases in the Denver area!




Top 3 Advantages Of Using Our Mechanical Rooter Service For Your Sewer Drain Cleaning


Sewer cleaning needs proper rooter serviceHere at Garvin’s, we’re dedicated to bringing you the ultimate sewer drain cleaning service. That’s why our rooter service is mechanical instead of chemical, because it’s the best available option. Why?

It keeps the chemicals out of your drain: First of all, you don’t need us to bring caustic chemicals into your home. Second, you don’t want that stuff down your drain, because when it doesn’t work it’s just going to get in the way of future cleaning efforts (You most certainly don’t want to mix these drain cleaners, as they can release noxious clouds of gas.)

It keep the chemicals out of the water system: If you’re on the city’s sewage system, you might think that a chemical cleaner won’t bother them. In fact, chemical cleaners are horribly caustic and difficult to remove entirely from the water. And if you have a break in your sewer line, you’re just sending poison into your yard and the underground water table.

It works!: This might just be the best reasons to use a mechanical means to clean your drains and sewer system…a sewer snake works! Chemical sit on a clog and do their best to eat through it. But when they do, then they just go away down the drain. There might be a small hole in the clog, but that’s just going to get stopped up again as you send stuff down. A mechanical rooter service will take care of your drain edge-to-edge, giving the next drain detritus nothing to grab onto. And when it comes to roots, don’t even think about using a chemical sewer cleaning. The chemical will just pass right by them, barely making contact.

Get your pipes clean with mechanical rooter service and be sure to take care of the problem. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call and you’ll never be sorry!




Homeowners Insurance and Sewer Cleaning…oh boy!


dreamstime_xxl_18509152For many people, the following happens all the time: you go to the mailbox, pull out something from your insurance company, and think “oh no, is it time to pay that again?” Then you open it and realize that it’s not a bill, but instead a “friendly remind” of the coverage you could have but don’t.

Earthquake insurance. No thanks, we live in Colorado. Hurricane Insurance: I just told you, I live in Colorado! Backup sewer and flood insurance: Would you get off my back, I live in…

Wait, what was that last one? What do you mean that I’m not covered for backup sewer? And how is it possible that flood isn’t included in a basic policy? Well, it’s not, and it would probably be a good idea to see your insurance agent to make sure you have the coverage you need.

Get the insurance!: While we believe that anything having to do with water should automatically be included in homeowners insurance, that’s just not the case. We do, however, suggest you get it. Even if you don’t live anywhere it usually floods, there’s always the chance of water coming into your home, either via a broken window light well or a burst pipe.

Regarding sewer backup, you’re not just talking about things getting wet and then airing them out. With raw sewage, everything it touches is a biohazard and is a total loss.

Either way, we’re talking upwards of $10,000 damage, so you might want to talk to your insurance agent.

Get Your Sewer Cleaned: The easiest way make sure everything goes as smooth as possible? Don’t let you sewer back up in the first place! If you notice brown spots on your lawn above the sewer pipe, have a persistent bad odor coming from the drains, or have noticed that every drain just isn’t draining as quickly as it used to, you might need sewer service. Get it taken care of so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Nobody likes to pay homeowners insurance, but it’s important to make sure you’re covered. Give Garvin’s a call for your sewer cleaning!



How Important Is Plumbing And Sewer Service To You?


Let’s talk about human history for a second. Did you fall asleep yet? No? Good.

Some people look down on plumbers and those who work with sewage. But do you know why we’re so proud to offer sewer repair and plumbing service? Because two things have increased human life longevity and productivity more than any other, and they both involve water.

Clean water: You’ve probably heard about the need for clean water in developing countries. Perhaps your church has had a fundraiser for them, or you heard about a kickstarter campaign for some gadget that cleans well water. Why is clean water so important? First of all, it keeps people from dying…big reason right there. But it also helps people from getting sick, and that’s important because sick people just aren’t as productive to a society.

Imagine if you were sick and in bed for months every year simply because you drank some water from the nearest well. You take it for granted, but your clean water keeps you from getting horrible diseases that could kill or debilitate you, and it makes our society more efficient.

Waste removal: We’re living in an amazing country where just about every single person can say goodbye to their waste with the push of a lever. Go back in time a hundred years and the streets were running with human and horse waste. Literally…running…


Sewer service keeps us healthy

                               Watch your step. Every step…


We’re meant to get away from our waste, not just because it’s the stuff our body doesn’t need anymore, but because our body has gotten rid of stuff that could make us sick. Sewer drains take it out of our house so that it can’t bother us anymore. Unless you need sewer cleaning, in which case you’d better call us so that we can help send it on its way.

If society ever collapses…zombie apocalypse, deadly pandemic, meteor hitting the earth…people are going to want their electricity back, but they don’t need it. They’re going to want indoor heating, but they can put on another coat. But anyone involved in waterworks is going to be king!

We’ll try not to lord it over you too much. 🙂



6 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Water Heater Installation Done Garvin’s Sewer Service


Why Garvin's Sewer Service Should Be Your Water Heater Installers

We wear belts!

Here at Garvin’s we’re more than just drain cleaning and sewer repair. We’re also plumbing experts, and can handle any faucet replacements or repairs you might need.

We also handle water heater installation, and while it might seem at first like a simple replacement, it’s actually a good idea to have a professional handle it. Why?

Transportation: If you decide that you’re going to take care of a water heater replacement on your own, you have to go to the hardware store and purchase it, load it into your truck, get it home, through your door (just when do you take it out of the box, anyway?), slide it down the steps to your basement, and wiggle it into the place of your old one. Now, you might be aware that water heaters have a cylinder of glass inside. That’s a lot of steps to go through without breaking that glass lining. If you break it, you’re out the cost of a water heater. And do you have the knowhow to find out if it broke in the first place? Garvin’s Sewer Service does!

Keep It Up To Code: We know a guy who was thinking about replacing his water heater himself. He figured he could just take a picture of how everything was connected and replicate that on the new one. After he decided against this plan, he had it professionally installed and was glad he did. City code had changed since his old water heater was installed, and the old way was obsolete. We’re always on top of changing code with gas lines, water heaters, and, of course, sewer service.

Safety: Safety is, of course, the most important aspect of having your water heater installed by a professional. This starts with keeping everyone safe during the transportation and making sure that your home doesn’t have any holes in the drywall when we leave. It also involves hooking up everything according to code and then checking with our gas monitors to make sure that all of the pipes are properly sealed. Gas water heaters can release colorless and odorless gases that that can harm or kill, so it’s important that these monitors detect no gas leaks when we’re done.

Avoiding the mess: You don’t install this many water heaters without learning a few things about cleanup! We have enough experience that we can avoid many of the messes that people make when they’re installing their own water heaters.

Increased Efficiency: Replacing your water heater is a great way to increase the energy efficiency; technology has made water heaters much more efficient that those made just a decade ago. But once you get it installed, do you know the best setting for its most efficient usage? Also, if something got bumped on its way from the factory to your basement, it’s good to be able get it back to its proper setting that will get you the best use of our your unit.

Disposal: Disposing of an old water heater might at first seem easy, but if it’s in the basement, it doesn’t get to slide down the stairs…you need to get it up the stairs somehow! Then you might have to deal with a disposal fee at the recycling center. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have Garvin’s Sewer Service deal with it?

When it comes to water heater replacement, it’s a much more complicated endeavor than most people realize. Have Garvin’s Sewer Service take care of it and you can be sure it’s installed properly!



3 Toilet Paper Steps You Can Take To Avoid Constant Sewer Cleaning

dreamstime_9956210We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…toilet paper is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to a house needing sewer cleaning. Most of the super-plush, multi-ply toilet paper doesn’t dissolve very well, and it can just sit there for years, grabbing everything that goes by and just building and building until it clogs up and requires the use of a professional sewer snake.

So what do you do, stop using toilet paper?! That’s crazy, right? (maybe it’s not…more on that in a minute).

Use toilet paper that disintegrates: Obviously, not all toilet paper is created equal. The stuff you find at the gas station isn’t nearly as comfortable as the stuff you’ll stock your own bathroom with, but here’s the thing…the gas station toilet paper is much less likely to clog up the toilet. There are some comfortable brands that still disintegrate, and Consumer Reports has a review just this month on them (spoiler alert: White Cloud Ultra Soft and Thick is tops in comfort and disintegration…you didn’t hear it from us).

Use less toilet paper: Put simply, most people just use too much toilet paper. The easiest way to fix this? Use less! You’ll save money and your plumbing.

Use a bidet: A wise paragraph once said “So what do you do, stop using toilet paper?! That’s crazy, right?” Well, what if you used a bidet? If you’re not familiar, a bidet is an attachment to your toilet that sprays a stream of water to wash you off after you’ve used the restroom. It’s traditionally been used in Europe, but they’re becoming much more popular in America. It eliminates the need for traditional toilet paper, and you can even get water warmers so that they’re more comfortable. People who use them swear by them.

What will you do to make sure that you don’t need premature sewer cleaning? Different toilet paper? Less toilet paper? None at all?




Just What Does “We Clean Drains, Not Bank Accounts” Mean?


Early sewer service and sewer cleaning in Denver

We sure do miss those hats, though…

“We Clean Drains, Not Bank Accounts®.” Sure, it’s catchy. It’s our motto, and we like it so much that we had it registered.

The fact is, mottos are cheap if they’re not backed up by service. That’s why we’re very careful to be fair to each and every customer who gives us a call. Why are we so careful?

We’ve been at this for 75 years: In our time serving northern Colorado we’ve seen a lot of businesses come and go. We’ve seen some good competition go under (not everyone can run a business as well as they clean drains) and experienced schadenfreude when some fly-by-night upstart who’s trying to scam people goes under. Treating people fairly is the best way to survive for three-quarters of a century.

You’re our neighbors: 75 years will teach you a lot. Not only about the changing face of sewer service, but about how to treat customers. Since we’re a third generation family-owned business we’ve been sure to foster a relationship with our customers and the community. We don’t want to drain your bank account, because we want you and our community as a whole to prosper. We also know very well that breaking our promise just once would get around quickly!

We’d rather have your trust than your money: Again, that’s easy to say, but we know that a company that scams you for $2000 never gets your business again. But when we give you a fair deal, we bet we’ll have a customer for life. And you might just tell you neighbors about us too.

It’s just who we are: Our family raised us right!



A Free Sewer Service That Could Save You Thousands Of Dollars: Sewer Camera Review


Sewer scope review is a free sewer service we provideThere’s an idea that’s been brewing in my head for many years…it’s a car mechanic that doesn’t fix cars. Let’s call him Phil.

Now, here’s the idea. Imagine you have a regular mechanic and he says “what you need is a $1,200 repair.” Then you take it to Phil, and he says “yep, that’s about right.” Or “nope, replace that gasket for $150 and you’re in the clear.” Phil charges you $50 but has saved you a $1,000. Basically, Phil is a neutral third party who can give you the truth and end up saving you lots of money.

This type of second-opinion would be great in the medical industry too…far too many doctors have a stake in the medical equipment that they’re ordering tests on.

In one respect, Garvin’s Sewer Service already has a service that fits this model: our free inspection of sewer camera footage that was taken by other companies.

While many reputable sewer companies use sewer scopes, there are some companies out there who will take the footage and point out perfectly normal flaws in your sewer line, then suggest that these small flaws mean you need a complete sewer line replacement. They might show you a joint and suggest that it’s a break, or show you tree roots as “evidence” that your sewer line in in bad repair (when in fact it’s a fairly normal occurrence).

We provide this free sewer cam second opinion because we don’t want you spending $10,000 to replace a line that’s perfectly fine. And since we don’t replace entire sewer lines, you can rest assured knowing that we’re unbiased.

Do you have a sewer scope DVD from another company and would like a free second opinion? Contact Garvin’s Sewer Service today!



How To Protect Your Sewer Line From Tree Roots And Reduce Your Need For Sewer Service


Keep tree roots away and prevent sewer serviceWe hope you have as many trees as you want in your yard to make our Colorado cities more beautiful and help keep our air clean. But as much as we love trees, they a bane of sewer lines. Tree roots are designed to seek out water and nutrients, and the finest roots can work their way into the joints of the sewer line and start catching the stuff that you send down your drain.

Luckily there are steps you can take to prevent your tree roots from clogging up your sewer system and prevent you from needing sewer service too soon.

Don’t plant trees over the sewer line: It’s important to know where all underground utilities are before you dig to plant your tree. In Denver you can have your underground pipes and wires flagged and mapped by requesting a survey hereKeeping trees away from your sewer line in the first place is the best way to prevent them from interacting.

Don’t plant these trees: Here’s a short list of the most common trees that have root systems that are big offenders to sewer lines: elms, gum trees, cypress trees, maples, birches, walnut trees, poplars, and willows. These trees are aggressive in sending out root systems that will eventually end up blocking your sewer line. If you do plant them, keep them at least 50 feet away from your sewer lines.

Use preventive sewer service: If you have a mature tree in your yard, you probably don’t want to take it down just because the roots are becoming a problem. The good news is that having tree roots in your sewer line doesn’t necessarily mean that your line is damaged, it just means that they need cleaned out. That’s where our preventive rooter service comes into play; we’ll send the sewer snake down and keep the roots cleaned out. It certainly doesn’t hurt the tree and is much safer, more effective, better for the tree and better for the environment than a chemical “solution.”

Taking these simple steps is the best way to make sure that you won’t need emergency sewer service anytime soon. Give Garvin a call with any questions, or contact us for preventive sewer service today!