Sink drain cleaning

Clean Your Drains Regularly Before They Drain You

The drains in your home aren’t necessarily something you can see, but they are essential in ensuring that water is carried away from the home rather than pooling on the floor somewhere and/or dripping from the ceiling. Ideally, homeowners would not have to deal with leaky or damaged drains because they’d all work perfectly all the time, but the fact is since they are hidden behind walls it’s almost impossible to know that something is wrong until it’s too late.

That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to prevent leaks and damaged drains. The easier thing to do is hire a professional drain cleaning service in Denver, CO to make sure your home’s drains are cleared out and working properly. Even if they aren’t causing backups, dirty drains can build up bacteria and germs, which is gross, unsanitary, and potentially corrosive to your pipes.

Four Reasons to Clean Your Drains

#1 To Prevent Major Plumbing Issues

The most important reason to have your drains cleaned regularly is to avoid major plumbing emergencies. A minor issue can become a major issue pretty quickly, especially when it comes to blockages. What starts as a bit of grime can build up into a full blockage, and then you’re looking at sewage backing up and a potentially very expensive series of repairs. Grease, soap, fat, and hair are the most common culprits, and regular drain cleanings keep those from turning into much larger issues.

#2 To Boost the Longevity of Your Plumbing System

And that’s the other major advantage. If you’re preventing major issues, you’re also boosting the longevity of the system as a whole. Blockages put strain on pipes and drains, and buildup can be corrosive. Rather than spending a small amount of money for a cleaning, homeowners can spend huge amounts on full system replacements. Clean drains prolong the inevitability of that.

#3 To Reduce Foul Odors

These blockages are, quite frankly, gross. They look gross, feel gross, and smell gross, and the longer these clumps of fat and grease are allowed to sit there and build bacteria and mold, the more likely they are to stink up the house whenever you use that sink or shower. No one likes these types of unpleasant smells, and a drain cleaning can prevent them from happening.

#4 To Prevent the Spread of Bacteria and Germs

Those bacteria have another negative outcome: turning your sink into a cesspool that can work its way onto food and otherwise clean dishes. Bacteria and germs in this context are not good for anyone, but a cleanout can prevent them from infesting your sink.

Hiring a Drain Cleaning Plumber Near Englewood, CO

If you find yourself in need of a drain cleaning plumber in or around Englewood, CO, contact Garvin’s Sewer Service so we can inspect your drains and schedule a cleaning if necessary. There are so many important reasons to make sure your drains are clean and working functionally, because the financial burden of resulting major plumbing issues simply isn’t worth the hassle or the expense.

Leaky Faucets: Why You Need to Fix Them Today!

dreamstime_xxl_3613533Do you have a leaky faucet active in your household that you keep forgetting about?  Perhaps you’ve even attempted to fix the faucet yourself to no avail. Either way, our local plumbers are here to take on that leaky faucet for you and call it a day.  Remember that the longer you wait to fix a leaky faucet, the more damage the leaks can cause.

Leaky Faucets Can Cause Structural Damage

Water leaking from faucets can damage wood and carpet, resulting in a mold infestation. At this point, you will be dealing with mold cleanup and removal in addition to simple a leaky faucet. Mold infestations create an entirely different set of problems for your household, which can be bad for your health as well as costly to repair.

Leaky Faucets Waste Water

One leaking faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water a year when left unfixed, and it can waste even more water depending upon how bad the leak really is. Here in Colorado, we love our environment, and we want to use our resources wisely.

Leaky Faucets Wreak Havoc on Your Water Bill

Have you ever read your water bill when you’ve had an unfixed leaky faucet?  It’s not pretty, and it costs you big time. Not only is all that wasted water bad for the environment, it’s bad for your finances as well.

Leaky Faucets are Annoying

Have you ever been sitting in the kitchen, quietly reading the newspaper, only to be interrupted by the constant dripping noise of the faucet? You might attempt to start reading the paper again, but suddenly, the only thing you can focus on is that irritating noise! Your precious morning time of peace and solitude is ruined!  

Why wait any longer? Contact our plumbing contractors today so that we can fix that leaky faucet for you!  We offer the highest quality plumbing services in the greater Denver area.

Garvin's Sewer Service Cares About your winter plumbing

Spigots are sexy.

Well, not really. But they are important.


Because if treated properly, they won’t flood your basement. And if not, they will.

It’s almost like you have to succumb to the power they yield.


It’s a shame they can have so much power, but they do. And while Garvin’s Sewer Service is all about drain cleaning and sewer cleaning, we have a few suggestions for your fall and winter plumbing.

Tame your spigot by:

1. Detaching your hose BEFORE the first frost. In Colorado, that is usually around the last part of October.

2. Making sure you have a frost-free spigot installed.

3. Know where your emergency water shut-off valve is so you can turn it off in case the spigot does split.


If you have questions, please contact Garvin’s Sewer Service at 303- 571- 5114

Tales from the Depths: Interesting Stories and Questions About Drain Cleaning

Stories from the Plumbing Front Lines:

In my years of networking (talking to people) specifically in the world of plumbing, I have gotten some pretty interesting questions and stories.

Here are some of my favorites:

Plumbing Question 1:

Does ROCK SALT kill roots in the sewer line?


Roots grow in from the TOP of the pipe through the natural seams in the sewer line? They can also grow in because of a porous clay pipe or through a break. If you pour rock salt in your drain, it will dissolve, just like salt dissolves in a glass of water. It may pool in a high concentration in the pipe. If the roots are big enough to be touching the bottom of the pipe, it is likely that rock salt is not going to solve the problem.

Our suggestions:

  1. Get your sewer line cleaned of roots with a 4” double bladed sewer machine (referred to as Roto-Rooter® or equivalent). This does require a professional in most cases.
  2. For preventative maintenance, use a foaming root killer that will each roots in the entire circumference of the sewer pipe. We recommend RootX® for drain cleaning.

Plumbing Story 1:

I am house sitting and the only one there, and I hear a loud noise all of a sudden and trace it to the bathroom where the cold water is on full blast. I turned the faucet off and called my handyman who found no leaks, no malfunctions, nothing. What’s your opinion as a plumber?

Well, plumbing is not mechanical — it must be turned on or off either manually or with a timer. The only time it doesn’t follow this rule is when there is a leak, when it will run anywhere using the easiest path. Since a faucet knob needs to be manually adjusted to turn on, and it is very unlikely or even practical to have it on a timer, my best suggestion: Hire Ghost Busters!

 Plumbing Story 2:

I was at a County fair and overate, resulting in overuse of the toilet, and it clogged. I was so embarrassed, I didn’t want to call anyone. My plunger didn’t work and just kept making a mess as the water came up and over the toilet. Why didn’t my plunger work?

Gross. Ok, I’m sure we have all had the “Toilet Clog Scare,” so let me address it. Yes, toilet clogs can happen for a variety of reasons, but they all involve something being stuck in the toilet. A good plunger should always be in every bathroom that is being used. A homeowner and building owner or facilities manager, for that matter, may want to consider getting something called an Auger. An Auger is about a 7 foot cable with a handle on the end that you can insert into the toilet. It goes much deeper than the plunger, and unlike the plunger that is using pressure to force the blockage through, you can spin the cable in the line to loosen anything clogging the space.

These can be purchased at the hardware store and are great for people who have frequent toilet clogs. Note here, they don’t work on toys, brushes or cell phones that may have fallen in and clogged the line… for that, you may need a professional as it could include needing to pull the toilet up.

Do you have a question you would like clarified? A plumbing related story to share? Please do!

Spring Drain Cleaning

drain_cta_revIs it time for spring drain cleaning yet? If you are itching to get some things in order, here are some helpful plumbing-related tips:
Give some love to your dishwasher and sink. Your dishwasher and kitchen sink are usually tied together and will affect each other. For example, if you put too much food into the disposal, it could back up into the dishwasher. Likewise, if you leave too much food on your dishes, it can clog the food trap in the dishwasher.

Clear the dishwasher of any food and run it empty, using baking soda or vinegar as the detergent. Freshen your disposal with a lemon peel and ice or with a commercial freshening agent like “Disposer Care”, found in the dish soap isle of the grocery store.
To prevent back-ups and clogs, scrape your plates into the trash or compost, rather than using the disposal or dishwasher to deal with the excess. Both appliances are really only designed to deal with “licked clean” plates.

To restore the sparkle of your faucet, a mix of half vinegar and half water can remove water spots and fingerprints. Be careful to not use an abrasive cleaning product or cleansing sponge that can damage your faucet or sink’s finish.

Water damage can be slow and sneaking and catastrophic- do a check of your plumbing around the house to find moisture. Hopefully it is dry, but if not, is something loose? Does it need a seal? Is there rust? Water can be very damaging, leaving mold, moisture and corrosion.

Remember to check:

  • Under the kitchen sink.
  • All bathroom sinks.
  • Caulking and grout around the tub and toilets and see if it needs to be repaired to prevent water damage.
  • Under and on top of the water heater- any moisture there?
  • Near the washing machine. How are the faucets? Hoses? Drain line?
  • The hose spigot outside- are there any visible cracks or dripping?
  • Are your gutters and downspouts clear? Are they able to release water without it damming?
  • How is your furnace and air-conditioning unit? Is it able to drain properly? Is it free of debris? Have you changed the filter?

Follow these drain cleaning pieces of advice and your drains will last longer. For more information, tips or questions, give us a call! 303-571-5114

We are there

This news report came out last night on Denver Channel News 2. We’ve been out there this week trying to help out. Woodmoore Condos residents, let us know what we can do to help.

Then water main was repaired but is failing and is pushing sand and debris into the homes. Many residents have been without water for days. Garvin’s is working to flush the lines for the residents.

See News Video HERE

Why to hire a professional for water heater install

I recently watched an episode of Myth Busters where they dealt with an issue of a water heater exploding in a house. Water heater replacement isn’t the cheapest home investment, and some homeowners choose the less expensive option of DIY. Although you may be able to get a budget friendly water heater at a home improvement/ hardware store, most plumbing companies won’t warranty parts they don’t supply. Also, unless you purchase the high-end units at those stores, you can expect it to not last as long as the water heaters that the professional plumbers will have access to. And, as you can see in the video, proper installation is critical. We always recommend a professional when it’s time for a new water heater.

Furnace Special from Garvin’s Sewer Service

dreamstime_xxl_36762895Don’t sleep in the cold, call Garvin’s TODAY to keep your winter nights WARM. 303-571-5114

Garvin’s Sewer Service is so much more than just…well, sewer service! Clean and tune any furnace and get ready for winter.

Price to include the following:

1. Clean return air compartment and indoor blower motor, adjust any belts where applicable and oil any parts
2. Replace filters
3. Check for carbon monoxide levels on heat
4. Adjust ported burners
5. Clean flame sensors and pressure switch ports
6. Install battery operated carbon monoxide detector*
7. Check for proper operation

Pre-Winter Special: $150 (This is NOT available after Oct.15th, 2010)

On systems with central air conditioning, for a nominal additional fee, we will clean air conditioning “A” coil, which is recommended for more efficient operation of furnace


Call now to set appointment before Oct. 15th.

Don’t sleep in the cold, call Garvin’s TODAY to keep your winter nights WARM. 303-571-5114