Homeowners, Considering a Marble Countertop?

dreamstime_4979521Homeowners, Considering a Marble Countertop?

We have partnered with Innovative Interior Solutions, LLC to offer you a special deal in February! Here’s the deal:

• Free stainless steel under mount sink and free cutout, polish and mounting of the sink with purchase of 30 SF or more of granite (most all kitchens will be at least 30 SF. This is a $425.00 value.)

• Bathroom Vanity remnant deal – granite slab remnants starting at $45 per SF. Customers can select slabs from stone yard. Plus 1 free oval or square under mount sink

Please let Jason know Garvin’s referred you!

PLUS, through Feb., he is also offering 15% off any Hardwood floor procedure.

Contact him today at or (720) 454-6524


Heating Safety

In October, and even as early as September, homeowners in Colorado begin doing furnace tune and clean. Do you need to?
Typically, Colorado gets snow towards the end of October for the first time in the winter season. Dealing with cold weather prompts many of us to turn that furnace on to take that chill off.
Furnace checks help troubleshoot problems such as potentially dangerous electrical system or filter issues. The tune and clean ensures your heating system is operating at peak performance and it is one of the easiest and cost effective home maintenance items for your home. Heating system preventative maintenance is critical because small problems can grow fast and expensive very quickly. Running efficient equipment also helps keep energy expenses lower.
A quick and easy furnance tune and clean by a NATE Certified Heating Technician at Garvin’s Sewer Service takes only about an hour and is being offered at a Pre-season Rate of $125 from Sept. 15, 2011- Oct. 15th, 2011
Mention Code NATE for this special rate (Normally $150)

When you get your furnance tuned, also check your CO2 detector for functionality. Don’t have a CO2 detector? It can save your life! Ask about them when you call to schedule. They are required by law to be in all residential Colorado homes! Get yours today!

Save Money and Your Air-conditioning Unit!

The note on my desk said,

“Good morning, Kris! I was thinking that we should run a special on installing these on residential a/c’s. They save money on usage and makes your a/c condenser more efficient. It also makes the condenser start much easier. Total cost including installation, approx. $245. They’ll save that much in two summers. It also makes your a/c last much longer.”

George T.

I’m not a tech, but I trust George and so I’m saying, “Let’s do it!”

Do you want to save money, improve your a/c’s efficiency and add to it’s longevity?

Call TODAY and say, “I want the $245 A/C Special!”

(303) 571-5114

This is the information I took straight from their website:

A 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® (aka Hard Start Kit) significantly reduces the amount of time your ac compressor takes to start. Air conditioners with the 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® typically start in 30-50% less time than air conditioners without the product.

This is important because the compressor on your air conditioner consumes more power on start up than any other device in your home. Start up is the hardest time in the life of any type of electrical equipment. Ever notice that light bulbs almost always burn out when you first turn them on and not while they are on? This is due to the huge current that rushes in when a switch is thrown and power is first applied.

The heat that accompanies the in-rush current can damage vital electrical components – the air conditioner compressor, the air conditioner run capacitor and contacts. An ac compressor may consume 45,000 watts of power while the motor is trying to start – TEN times more power than it uses while running. By comparison, the large burner on an electric stove only consumes approximately 5,000 watts on high.

An air conditioner can start up more than 6,000 times in a single air conditioning season. With a 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® you will reduce ac repairs and the need for air conditioning service.

Some top-of-the-line air conditioners come from the factory with 5-2-1 technology built in. Now you can have a 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® installed in your existing ac unit by a professional.

The cost of a 5-2-1 Compressor Saver® is a fraction of the cost of replacing an ac compressor damaged by hard starts. It could add years to the life of your compressor and other electrical components associated with your a/c system.


Please call (303) 571-5114 TODAY to schedule your appointment to have a compressor installed for $245 (This is the total cost for Parts and Labor!)



Furnace Special from Garvin’s Sewer Service

dreamstime_xxl_36762895Don’t sleep in the cold, call Garvin’s TODAY to keep your winter nights WARM. 303-571-5114

Garvin’s Sewer Service is so much more than just…well, sewer service! Clean and tune any furnace and get ready for winter.

Price to include the following:

1. Clean return air compartment and indoor blower motor, adjust any belts where applicable and oil any parts
2. Replace filters
3. Check for carbon monoxide levels on heat
4. Adjust ported burners
5. Clean flame sensors and pressure switch ports
6. Install battery operated carbon monoxide detector*
7. Check for proper operation

Pre-Winter Special: $150 (This is NOT available after Oct.15th, 2010)

On systems with central air conditioning, for a nominal additional fee, we will clean air conditioning “A” coil, which is recommended for more efficient operation of furnace


Call now to set appointment before Oct. 15th.

Don’t sleep in the cold, call Garvin’s TODAY to keep your winter nights WARM. 303-571-5114