How to Unclog a Slow Draining Bathroom Sink

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Have you ever noticed that your bathroom sink drain is running slow? Sometimes you can fix the drain by yourself.

Usually there is a clog down the sink drain and sometimes you can pull out the “pop-up” that is located in the drain. If you cannot remove the “pop-up” then contact Garvin’s and we’ll come out and do it for you.

You can use a tool from your local hardware store, dollar store or Garvin’s. You can push it down the drain, push it around and see if it pulls anything out.

We have a big clog of hair that we pulled out. That’s most likely going to make the drain flow better. Let’s check it out. Much better.

If your drain cannot be unclogged with this tool then call Garvin’s Sewer Service at 303-571-5114.