How to Replace a Shower Head

Plumbing Service How-To Videos

Today we are going to replace this old shower head with a new conservation shower head, which will save water, energy and money. It’s very simple to do. You just need some pliers and thread sealant tape.

  1. Start by removing the old shower head using the pliers, if necessary. It’s usually pretty simple to unscrew it off the pipe.
  2. Apply thread sealant tape to the threads to prevent the pipe from leaking. 2-3 wraps of sealant tape are plenty.
  3. Screw on the new conservation shower head by hand until it’s tight.
  4. Take your pliers / channel-locks to tighten it down. A crescent wrench will work if you don’t want to leave marks.
  5. Don’t tighten more than necessary.

The conservation shower head has a valve to control the flow. If you don’t want to replace the shower head on your own then contact Garvin’s 24/7 to schedule your free estimate.