How to Repair a Leaky Faucet

Plumbing Service How-To Videos

In this video we show you how to repair your leaky faucet. This faucet is a two-handle style faucet and is more common in older homes.

Before you begin the faucet repair be sure to shut off the water below the sink.

Follow these steps to repair a leak in your faucet:

  1. Remove the plug on the faucet handle.
  2. Remove the screw inside the faucet handle.
  3. Remove the faucet handle.
  4. You will notice a nut holding the handle onto the sink. Take your pliers and unscrew this nut.
  5. The cartridge should now come out. You may need to wiggle it to get it out.
  6. Remove all of the parts and take them to your local hardware store for replacement parts.
    • You can also call Garvin’s at 303-571-5114 and we’ll repair your leaky faucet!
  7. The cartridge style in this video is called a ceramic cartridge.
    • Clean or rinse off the cartridge with water or a vinegar and water solution.
    • This should clean out any particles or obstructions causing the leak.
    • The cartridge also has a rubber ring that helps hold the faucet together, which can make it tricky to reassemble. Call Garvin’s if you need help repairing your leaky faucet!
  8. Reassemble all of the parts in the order you removed them.
  9. Screw the faucet handle back in place and insert the plug.
  10. Turn the water back on and test the faucet.

You should notice your faucet doesn’t have a leak anymore.