How to Replace the Toilet Tank Water Line Supply

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You might want to replace the toilet tank water supply line from the shutoff to the toilet tank if it is leaking or if it is old and looks like it could burst. The line may be flexible (you can purchase flexible toilet water lines at your local hardware store) and the water shutoff may come out of the wall or the floor.

Follow these steps to replace the toilet tank water supply line:

  1. Make sure you shut off the water to the toilet
  2. Flush the toilet to ensure that the water is off
  3. Have paper towels handy because water may drip out of the line
  4. Take pliers to the nut that attaches to your water supply valve and slowly turn it. If the water happens to be on, it will start spraying
  5. Keeping unscrewing the nut either with your hand or pliers
  6. Unscrew the other nut attaching the line to the toilet tank
  7. Attach the new line by first attaching it using the nut on the valve and then using the nut attaching it to the bottom of the tank. Make sure it goes on straight
  8. Turn the water back on and make sure there are no leaks

If any of this seems too complicated, call Garvin’s. We would be more than happy to come replace any part on your toilet or replace your toilet.