How to Check if Your Toilet Tank is Leaking

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Have you wondered if your toilet tank is leaking? Do you hear your toilet turning on and off consistently? You can test if your toilet tank is leaking with a packet of blue toilet tabs for the tank, which you can get from Garvin’s or your local hardware store.

Follow these steps to test if your toilet tank is leaking:

  1. Remove the lid to the toilet tank.
  2. Remove the blue dye tablets from the packet and drop them into the tank.
  3. Put the lid back onto the toilet tank.
  4. Let the blue dye tablets completely dissolve.
    • This will take approximately 10-15 minutes.
  5. If you see blue in the toilet bowl then you have a leak from the tank into the toilet bowl.

If your toilet tank is leaking then please contact at 303-571-5114 Garvin’s and we’ll provide a Speedy Fast Quote to fix the leaking tank.