Emergency Plumber

Emergency Plumbing in Englewood, CO

Open 24/7/365, Garvin’s Sewer Service has been Denver’s Emergency Plumber for over 75 years!

We understand emergencies don’t happen conveniently between the hours of 8am and 5pm, which is why Garvin’s always has and always will offer emergency plumber services all day, every day and we offer NO Overtime Charges- EVER!

  • Our phones are answered by a live Garvin’s employee 24/7/365- so you talk to someone knowledgeable and able to solve your problem FAST. We don’t use an answering service that delays the response by ‘needing to get back to you’.
  • Same day service, usually within 2 hours of your call
  • We dispatch the emergency plumber to clean your drains immediately or in a time frame best for you.

Emergency Plumbing Services include:

  • Sewer line back ups
  • Over flowing toilets
  • Clogged kitchen sink
  • Back up in the bath tub
  • Jewelry down the drain
  • Valuables fell into toilet
  • Broken sewer line video scope
  • Broken line repairs
  • Second opinion estimates on sewer line repairs
  • Kitchen sink line repairs
  • And more!

No Extra Charge for Emergency Plumber Service

Why do we not charge extra fees for service on Nights, Weekends or Holidays?

Many emergency plumbers charge more during those times for two really good reasons:

Plumbing supply houses are closed during night, weekend and holiday hours, so in order to get parts, plumbers have to buy retail parts, and that’s only if they can get what they need to make the repair in a retail location. Carrying stock on hand isn’t realistic because there are tens of thousands of plumbing parts. Therefore most emergency plumbing consists of making a “band-aid” fix and then a return trip after they are able to obtain parts.

Garvin’s Emergency Plumbing is Different

Because Garvin’s specializes in drain cleaning, our parts needed are minimal and are therefore kept in stock. When a sewer line backs up or a line won’t drain, our drain-cleaning equipment can solve the problem quickly.

Plumbing emergencies can fill the day of a hard working plumber, and they need time off. We understand this and it is why we use a rotating schedule of over 15 emergency plumber service technicians so all of our employees get time off and a weekly schedule. We rotate their “on-call” shift, which means our experienced technicians are ready for your call.

We never use untrustworthy sub-contractors and we pay our emergency plumbers a higher rate during nights, weekends and holidays to thank them for their dedicated service to your emergency plumbing needs.

You never have to worry that you are getting a lower quality service technician, a higher price, or that you are causing a hardship to our technicians. We are here to serve YOU, just as we have for over 7 decades.

If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency, give us a call right now. Our knowledgeable dispatcher will answer your questions and get you scheduled for service right away.