Drain Cleaning

We’ve all had to deal with a clogged drain. But why does it happen, and why is it important to get it taken care of promptly?

Drain blockages take place because, over time, dirt, grease, waste and other debris gradually collect and block the unimpeded flow of water. Not only are blockages unsanitary and inconvenient, but if ignored over time, they’ll eventually cause a sewer back-up. The back-up will contain material from sinks, showers and toilets, and not only is it disgusting, it can also cause enormous property damage. Trust us when we tell you, as a homeowner, this is the last problem you want to have.

Clearing Blocked Drains in Denver since 1940

At Garvin’s Sewer Service, we’ve been handling drain blockages since 1940. Instead of using chemicals that can corrode your pipes and be harmful to the environment, we had a better idea. We utilize a drain cleaning machine that’s equipped with a tightly wound cable with sharp blades on the end. It spins at a high rate of speed through the drain line, cleaning the full circumference of the line and pushing back or destroying out the blockage.

As a matter of fact, we recommend that all homeowners have an annual preventative maintenance sewer line drain cleaning. This will clear roots from the sewer line to prevent a sewer line back up. and reduce buildup from the inner and secondary lines.

Your sewer system is like a tree. Imagine a tree. The trunk of the tree is like your main sewer line, while the branches are like secondary lines that go to toilets, sinks, bathtubs or laundry lines. These secondary lines can clog up on their own, or along with the main line. Multiple lines can clog and can be cleaned, but a problem in the main sewer line can cause the secondary lines to become clogged. This is why it is a good idea to have your sewer line cleaned annually. But with a clean sewer line, you won’t have to worry about sewage backing up into the secondary lines. washing machines and other systems will run more efficiently, and you’ll never have to worry about backups.

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