Declaration of Service

When you contact Garvin’s Sewer Service, our dispatcher will quote our prices over the phone and give you an estimated time of arrival that is usually within two hours of your call to us, or within a two-hour appointment window. If you’d like, the dispatcher or service tech will call you when they are on their way.

  • When your serviceman arrives, he will be wearing a Garvin’s uniform with a Garvin’s logo patch and a name patch or badge.
  • Your service man will introduce himself and ask you about the problem(s) you are experiencing.
  • You may ask for him to come in through an alternate entrance and/or to wear protective foot coverings.
  • After your serviceman evaluates the problem, he will return to his truck for the needed equipment.
  • Your serviceman will use protective mats and, as needed, a protective cover on his machine(s) to keep your areas as clean as possible. Sometimes the access to the problem may require the technician to take his machine apart.

Upon completion of the job, whether it’s sewer cleaning or a drain cleaning service, your service tech will run a “system check.” This check involves running water and/or appliances as well as filling sinks/tubs etc. with water to check that they are all draining properly. Sometimes, if the tech notices a slow running drain, he may suggest having that secondary line cleaned. There is a discount for cleaning multiple lines at the time of the original service call, but this is at your discretion — we train drain-cleaners, not salespeople.

After he has run the systems check, your tech will present you with an invoice and a magnet and/or business card. You may pay by check, credit card or cash at the time of service.

On our plumbing, drain cleaning and sewer service calls, Customer Service is a priority to us. At Garvin’s over 80% of our business is repeat business and referrals, so we know we’re doing something right! Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions or comments.

What Services Does Garvin’s Sewer Service Offer?