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When to Schedule Sewer Line Locate Service in the Denver-Boulder Metro Area

What is sewer line locate? And when do I need it in Denver?

Are you considering a remodel or landscape project this spring in Colorado? Don’t make the expensive mistake of building over your sewer line! Instead, contact a local drain service for sewer line location service before you start renovations. 

A sewer line locate service is performed by a drain specialist to determine the depth and direction of a sewer line. All properties have main sewer lines that slope downward as they leave a property before connecting to the city or municipal sewer. This means that the line is typically closer to the ground surface, the closer you are to the property.

The locate tool works by entering the sewer line and sending up a signal that alerts the technician to the location and depth of the sewer line. The technician then marks the ground with flags and/or paint to note the line’s location and depth, if needed.

When do you need sewer line location service?

The most critical times to get sewer line locate service are:

  • Before a dig crew shows up to do sewer line repairs
  • Before a major landscape project 
  • Before a renovation or remodeling project

Why locate your sewer line before sewer repairs?

Getting sewer line location service prior to sewer repairs prevents unneeded digging or digging in the wrong location. Often, it’s best to have a sewer line locate completed before an estimate for repairs. It allows for a more accurate estimate since the depth and length of your sewer line play a critical role in the cost of repairs.

Your sewer line repair service may also perform a locate for a second time immediately before the ground is broken to ensure accuracy.

Why locate your sewer line for a landscaping project?

Knowing where the sewer line is located on your property before your landscaping crew arrives with shovels can prevent damage to the sewer line. It’s also essential information for your landscaper to know if they are installing a water feature, building a patio or constructing a retaining wall. 

Landscaping features should never be built on top of a sewer line. You want an investment in your landscaping to last, but if it’s on top of your sewer line, you might have to remove it if there is a sewer line break. Also, the construction of a project over your sewer line could cover or damage the sewer line access point, which is critical for maintaining the sewer line through the decades.

Why locate your sewer line before a renovation or remodeling project?

When adding on an addition or doing major remodeling, knowing the sewer line’s location is critical in planning. Building plumbing structures without awareness of the sewer line’s location can be a costly mistake. It could make it impossible to configure new plumbing systems, or the construction might fail an inspection because it doesn’t follow the current plumbing code. Both could lead to the project needing to be redone. Save yourself the headache by having a sewer line locate done before a remodel that will add additional structures to plumbing or take up more ground space. 

If you have additional questions about sewer location services in the Denver, Colorado, area, contact us! We’d love to share our expertise with you.

About the Author:

Kris Jordan is the General Manager of Garvin’s Sewer Service serving the Denver metro area. She is the third generation to work in this family business started in 1940 by her Great Uncle Russell Garvin. Garvin’s prides itself on reliability and honest, knowledgeable staff.

Don’t forget these outdoor plumbing tips as you tip-toe through the tulips

Don’t forget these outdoor plumbing tips as you tip-toe through the tulips

“Those were the best days of my life…” ~Bryan Adams
      Barbecues. Belly flops into the pool. Frisbee golf.

“My love for you will still be strong, after the boys of summer have gone.” ~Don Henly.
      Home runs, picnics, fireworks.

“In the summer time when the weather is high, you can reach right up and touch the sky.”  ~(Umm…) Mungo Jerry?
      I know that song! But who sang it? I have no idea… 

Summer brings great tunes and fun times to mind, but some things slip our noggins no matter what.

For instance, have you stopped to consider your pesky hose bibb connections this season? 

We didn’t think so. 

No worries. We’re here to help you recall forgotten rock artists and remember to give a little love to your outdoor plumbing this summer. Here are four handy, warm-weather tips to save you time and money before cold weather hits again:

Examine hose bibb connections

Your hose bibb (sometimes spelled with one “b”) is your outdoor faucet or spigot. Maybe you know that, but not everyone does. Chances are one or more of your bibbs could be leaking this season, and frankly that’s just embarrassing! 

Take a look at your side, back and front outdoor faucet connections to see if you’re wasting precious water or causing damage to your landscaping. A leaky hose bibb can also cause water to run into your basement or between your home’s walls, eroding your foundation. 

If you have an older home, you may have a hose bibb or two that is not frost-free. In Colorado, it’s a great idea to install or have frost-free hose bibs installed to help minimize freezing during our erratic weather. The frost-free bibbs have longer connectors that stay warmer because they are set deeper into your home’s exterior walls. These bibbs also have special valves and siphons that prevent water from backing up into your house and freezing. Check out this resource at familylifeshare to learn more than you ever wanted to know about hose bibbs.

Already know your drippy hose bibb needs repair? We’ve recorded a great do-it-yourself-video to show you how. Want the assurance of expert help? Call Garvin’s for friendly service 24/7.

Check all hoses

Once you’ve checked your outdoor faucets, take a look at your hoses. Did you leave the vegetable garden drip hose in the dirt over the winter? Ice and snow may not have been kind to it. Inspect each hose to ensure it doesn’t leak either at the faucet connection or along the length of the hose. Replace worn out or split hoses to improve efficiency and prevent water damage over the summer season. Examine any add-on garden timers and auxiliary sprinkler heads for wear and tear, and replace timer batteries as well.

Call for inspection

Your sewer line is incredibly attractive. Never been complimented on your sewer line before? We’re not trying to make you blush. It’s just true. Trees adore your sewer line. You see, the “fertilizer” you run through your line each day as well as the moisture from liquid “contributions” make your line incredibly attractive to trees seeking nutrients.

Delicate tree roots can infiltrate the porous concrete of main sewer lines. Once inside, they often create a web or ball that acts as a net to catch all the nifty stuff that runs through your sewer line. Over time that debris builds up and your sewer line can break. 

Summer is a great time to have your sewer line inspected for thirsty roots, obstructions and defects. Garvin’s can inspect your line with a camera on the end of a scope and record the inspection for you to watch in the comfort of your home. Read more about this service

Consider preventative maintenance

Garvin’s sewer service can clean out your lines regularly to prevent sewer line back-ups, breaks and expensive repairs. We clear obstructions by pulling them out of the line or pushing them through to the main city sewer line or septic system. 

We can help you take the worry out of remembering to do this by scheduling it for you. Consider starting planned maintenance this summer and repeating it every 6 to 12 months. Learn more about Garvin’s preventative maintenance service program.

Contact our team

Garvin’s sewer service of Denver and Englewood is here to help you with all of your seasonal plumbing needs. We’re available 24/7 and we don’t charge after-hours rates for our drain and sewer cleaning services. 

You have the right to expect fast, efficient service. Our service is performed by employees who are knowledgeable, polite and neat. We’ll treat you with respect because we treasure establishing long-term relationships with all of our customers. Over time, we hope you’ll feel comfortable relying on us for all of your plumbing needs. Call our friendly team for help or email us for information today.