Warning Signs of a Main Sewer Line Backup

Warning Signs of a Main Sewer Line Backup

In the world of plumbing, the issues that Garvin’s Sewer Service solve all have varying degrees of difficulty. A plugged-up sink or toilet, for example, is typically easy enough to fix through a simple service call but if a backed up or damaged main sewer line is causing the problem, the fix can get significantly more complicated.

Put simply, you need your sewer system to work so waste and water can be taken from your house safely and efficiently. If something is wrong with your sewer line, that waste water is either going to refuse to flush away or may come back in unexpected places. The good news is that the earlier you catch a problem like this, the easier it may be to fix. As with most home repairs, waiting too long is to your detriment.

The following are some of the warning signs that you may have an issue with a sewer main:

#1 Multiple Backed-Up Drains

Usually, the first sign that something is wrong is when you see more than one drain in the home start to back up. All the small drain lines in your house eventually connect to your sewer main, which takes that waste water away from the house. If there’s something wrong with the big pipe that flushes it all away, then the small offshoots that lead to each individual drain will be similarly clogged.

#2 Sewage Backup in Floor Drains

Since your sewer main is underground, the first drains likely to backup would be the ones on the bottom floor. If you’ve got a floor drain in, say, a basement laundry room that starts to back up for no good reason, that could be the first sign that something is wrong with the main line.

#3 Using Water in One Place Causes Backups Elsewhere

You know better than anyone when your house is making sounds it shouldn’t, so when you turn on the bathroom sink and the toilet gurgles, or you flush your toilet and water comes up through the floor drain in your shower, that it’s an obvious sign that something is seriously wrong. These symptoms mean you should call Garvin’s Sewer Service immediately before it gets any worse.

#4 Sewer Cleanout Pipe is Backed Up

The sewer cleanout gives plumbing services access to the sewer main underground and usually is located just outside the home so it can connect with the sewer main that brings waste to the municipal sewer. If sewage is backup up in this vertical pipe, that is yet another sign that a backup is occurring in the sewer main.

Contact Our Sewer & Drain Cleaning Team

Obviously, these symptoms can be problematic for a homeowner because it often keeps you from using the indoor water that is essential to modern living. Most of us don’t have an outhouse and a well to use as a backup if the sewer main goes bad. If you think you need a sewer line cleanout or—in a worst-case scenario—a sewer line replacement, don’t hesitate to reach out to Garvin’s Sewer Service. We specialize in sewer line cleanouts, so if you think you may require our services, remember that these types of things end up much better when handled immediately!

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