Do I Need a Sewer Replacement?

Sewer Replacement is a complicated and expensive service, so knowing if you truly need one is important. Garvin’s Sewer Service in Englewood has been serving the Greater Denver and Boulder area’s sewer needs since 1940. What makes us unique in the sewer replacement business is that don’t do them.

Wait, a sewer company who doesn’t do sewer line replacements? That’s right. Let us explain why and how that benefits you as a home or business owner.

We Are Objective

Because we don’t sell sewer replacement services, we are able to be objective in our assessment of your sewers true condition. If it is broken, we will tell and even show you via a sewer scope inspection, if desired. If it is clogged and can be cleaned, our expert drain cleaners can clear the line for less – and at a fair price.

Hint: If in cleaning your line, tree roots are the primary culprit, you may NOT need a sewer replacement. Mud is a bad sign, however, and is a strong sign of requiring sewer repairs.

We Save You Money on Sewer Replacement

Often we discover a sewer or drain line just needs to be cleaned rather than replaced. This is HUGE for the homeowner who hears they will need their yard, kitchen or bathroom floor demolished to gain access for the repair, creating additional cost and inconvenience.

If you do need a sewer or drain line replacement, our 75 years experience in the industry ensures you will only do business with those who we have found to be trustworthy through our insider knowledge.

Hint: if you feel pressured to make a decision, are told the video scope inspection isn’t available, or the video isn’t shown and explained to you, you may NOT need a replacement. These are common techniques by some plumbing companies to use your lack of knowledge against you. You paid for the service and are entitled to see the video to confirm a break (a blockage is not a good reason to do a replacement in most cases, but a break is.)

What We Offer

We clean your sewer line to clear it of the clogs other companies want to replace your drains to fix. We also offer objective sewer scope services so you can know for sure what your sewer needs without worrying about being sold something you don’t need. And finally, we offer free second looks at sewer scope videos provided by other providers to give you another opinion so you make a decision with confidence and peace of mind.

Why Don’t We Do Sewer Replacement?

Honestly, at one point in our long history, we did. The cost of equipment, insurance, labor and more meant that for us, it was something that didn’t make good business sense. We chose to focus on specializing in drain cleaning and sewer scope and leave sewer replacements to others with the equipment to do the job well.


Ready for a fair, honest and reputable sewer company on your side? Call Garcia’s Sewer Service at 303-571-5114 today to get scheduled or to speak to a sewer replacement specialist.

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