Sewer Replacement: Should You Invest or Not?

With sewer replacement costs in the tens of thousands of dollars, you may be wondering if it is worth the investment. Of course, on first thought you may feel you have no choice, it is after all, your sewer, the system that allows sewage waste to leave your home. But what you don’t know can hurt you and that’s why we are digging deep (pun intended) to get you the truth.

Do I Really Need a Sewer Replacement?

Have you ever had the horrible experience of having a doctor tell you that you needed a surgery? Did it seem surreal to happen? Typically, in such a case, especially if we are skeptical, or want to determine if there are other options, we will get a second, or even third (or more) opinion. This would be considered by most to be sound advice.

However, when it comes to sewer replacement options, we tend to believe the first person who tells us we need it. Why? Maybe we are scared of spending more time, and/or more money to get a second (or third) opinion. What you may not know however, is that your local sewer and water department, and Garvin’s Sewer Service, give free second looks at your sewer scope video.

This second opinion can help you determine if you truly need a sewer replacement or if there is another option, such as sewer line cleaning. (in fact, Garvin’s has saved their customers over $400,000 in sewer replacement costs by cleaning lines rather than doing unneeded repairs).

Should I Invest in a Sewer Line Replacement?

This has a very simple answer: if you plan to live in the house, yes. If you plan to sell the house, you will likely also need to do the sewer line replacement, or give an allowance for the new owners to do so. It is also possible that you will be approached by the city and required to make repairs, as this Denver Post Sewer Replacement article lays out.

Sewer line replacements are critical, however you do have options depending on your budget, severity, ground conditions and more. Just as you will want a second opinion on whether or not you need a sewer replacement, you will want opinions on the best options.

It’s Ironic But…

Despite our name, Garvin’s Sewer Service doesn’t provide sewer replacement services, but we find many people value our approach to preventative maintenance and cleaning sewers that are still functioning rather than replacing them. Our sewer scope inspections prevent home buyers from getting stuck with a big mess, and our free second opinions save homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. We also know the best sewer repair companies in Denver and are happy to refer them, so give us a call today!

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