What Homeowners Need To Know About Plumbing Repair Service in Denver

Colorado has experienced an unprecedented amount of residential and business growth in the last several years. In fact, according to the Denver Post, Colorado’s population increased by over 100,000 last year. That means chances are if you are reading this, you may be a new Denver resident.

So, as Denver’s oldest drain and sewer company, Garvin’s wanted to give you some pointers on plumbing and plumbing repair service in the area.

Top 5 Things to Know About Denver’s Plumbing

  1. Most residential homes in the area have clay sewer lines. This means they can have roots growing in them and this usually happens year-round due to our beautiful climate. Roots in the line can cause blockages, so most homeowners choose to call a plumbing repair service to clean their sewer lines every 6 months to 2 years depending on the trees in the area. Because we have a dry climate, trees and plants look for food (water and fertilizer) which is readily found in our sewer lines.
  2. Sewer line inspections are important in Real Estate dealings. While most all sewer lines are in good shape, there are still a few rouge sewer lines made with the wrong materials (such as Orangeburg), or have cracked due to ground settling. When you buy a home, insist on a sewer camera inspection. Garvin’s can perform this service, but if you hire another plumbing repair service, Garvin’s is happy to offer a FREE second look at the video to offer our suggestions. Often we find potential homeowners are told to replace a sewer line ($$$$) when a cleaning is sufficient ($$).
  3. Denver is a rather dry area and sump pumps are rarely used here, however with more recent flooding due to burn scars and heavier than usual rain, some homeowners have them installed or are considering them. Many people from humid areas understand sump pumps, but for us plumbing repair service providers in Denver, the volume of interest is new to us.
  4. Some areas of town, especially Commerce City, Denver and Englewood, are known to have hard water. Hard water tends to leave a residue on dishes and appliances. We suggest water filters rather than water softeners. We have great Rocky Mountain water, but some of it can benefit from filtering for a better feel, performance and taste. Minerals can develop in your water heater as well, shortening its lifespan, so consider a water heater flush periodically.

New to the area and have questions about your plumbing? Garvin’s Sewer Service has been serving the Greater Denver homeowner’s plumbing and sewer needs for over 75 years. Give us a call today for a quote or to learn more at 303-571-5114.

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