Why don’t emergency plumbing service plumbers quote the price over the phone?

If you have ever been in the position to hire emergency plumbing services, you likely have made several calls to find out just how much it will cost. You likely have heard:

“We don’t quote over the phone”

Some emergency plumbing contractors refuse to quote any prices over the phone. They usually will charge a nominal fee, or even offer it free, to come to your home and provide a quote.

Pro: You will have a plumber onsite to go ahead and complete the work after they offer a quote. The plumbers that charge a fee are really just covering their costs to come out and provide a quote. Their quotes are likely more accurate than those who quote the job unseen. A quality plumber will offer a fair price and apply the fee towards the work to be done.

Con: Their quote may be high, and you may not be sure if it is appropriate. Plumbing contractors can have a large range, based on some of the factors we list below. If you don’t go forward with the quote, you will be out the service call fee they charged to come out and quote you.

Our suggestion: Check reviews online to see if they are reputable and how many people move forward with the quote after it is given. If you have a hard time saying no to someone’s face, this is probably not a good option for you.

“We charge more on nights and weekends”

Emergency plumbing service includes work done on nights and weekends in most cases, and there is a legitimate reason why. But, before you pay the higher expense, you should know when it makes sense.

Pro: Emergency plumbers can be to you quickly to help reduce further damage from happening to your property. In some cases you can do this yourself by turning off your main water supply or not using your appliances, including toilets, sinks or showers. A great solution to limit further damage, but…

Con: Sometimes all an emergency plumber can do is make a temporary fix until regular business hours. This is because if they don’t have the needed parts in their truck stock (with over 10k plumbing parts on the market, this is very possible), they will need to obtain them and supply houses aren’t open afterhours. In extreme emergencies, the supplier will “open their store” for a premium, which is passed onto you in higher prices.

In the case of sewer line back-ups, as opposed to water line leaks, very little, if any, parts are required, which makes emergency plumbing service much more reasonable. Garvin’s offers two departments: Sewer and Drain, and Plumbing. The Sewer and Drain Department never charges emergency plumbing service charges because their work can be started and completed without access to a supply house.

Our suggestion: Know what service you need and determine what you can do to mitigate the problems so you can get it truly resolved during business hours. If sewer or drain related, contact a company who can provide emergency drain cleaning without the extra charge.

If you are ever in the need for emergency plumbing services in the Greater Denver or Boulder areas, Garvin’s Sewer Service is here to help with your sewer and drain problems 24/7/365 with no extra charges. Call anytime to get fast service at 303-571-5114.

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