What Else Are People Saying About Our Sewer and Drain Cleaning Service?

Some time ago we responded to a number of testimonials that we’d received from people in Denver and the surrounding areas. We’re always happy to respond to what people are saying about our drain cleaning service, so let’s take a look at what our customers are saying about Garvin’s.


“Because I know Garvin’s can be trusted to do good work and not try to sell me something that I don’t need, that is why I am a longtime customer.”

— Cindy P, Denver, CO

Thanks for noting that, Cindy. We have the no-frills reputation because the only drain cleaning services we’ll perform are the services that customer actually need! (Strange concept, we know). At the same time, we’re going to let you know if we notice a problem. If you’ve called us to clean out your kitchen sink drains for the second time in as many months and notice a willow tree in your front yard, we’re going to suggest you move beyond typical drain cleaning and invest in some rooter service to get rid of those willow roots (which are some of the worst roots to get in your sewer drain).


“Honest, friendly service each and every time. [W]e use your company for the last 10 years.”

— Joe S, Boulder, CO

After having been in the drain cleaning service business for over 75 years, we’re happy to say that Joe is one of our newer customers! We have customers who have been coming to us for 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years. We don’t always have the same technicians over the decades, but we always make sure to hire the best, most honest, and friendliest experts so that we can maintain our stellar reputation in the Denver area. And speaking of friendly workers…


“I recommend you to my friends! Romie was helpful, solved our problem and even came on a Sunday morning! Good job!”

— Tom A, Thornton, CO

It takes a certain kind of friendly technician to be that helpful on a Sunday morning, doesn’t it? Tom points out something that’s true of all businesses: how important work of mouth is to the survival of a company. So keep telling your friends, Tom!


“On a scale of 1-10, I give you a 10. You came when I called. You did a good job. You cleaned up your mess. Your techs are friendly and personable. Thanks!”

— Mrs. Straley, Denver, CO

Well, we can’t ask for much more than a 10, can we? We came when you called (which is why so many people name their dogs “Garvin’s Sewer Service”!). We did a good job (we’d be worried that she didn’t say “great job” but we already got the 10, so we’re good with good), we cleaned up (when dealing with sewer cleaning, it’s a must!). All that and we were personable and friendly. With so many people mentioning that part of their experience with us, it’s pretty obvious that we’re doing something right in the hiring process!

One more thing we’d like to point out: our clients aren’t just from Denver, but from all along the front range. We handle customers from Denver, sure, but also from Boulder, Longmont, Thornton, Westminster, Aurora, Arvada, and every other city and suburb around. We’ve been serving up the best in drain cleaning services for decades and look forward to serving the front range for many more to come. Contact us when you want the best sewer drain cleaning around!