Ways Technology Has Changed Rooter Service and Drain Cleaning


How rooter service has changed over the decades.When you think about the changing face of technology, your first thought is probably about cell phone, computers, or the way that more and more of your home appliances are getting smarter and smarter (making us feel dumber and dumber!)

But in our 75 years at Garvin’s Sewer Service, things have really changed technologically. While rooter service has been a tried and true method of sewer and drain cleaning for decades, there are some aspects of it that have really kept up with the times.

The blades: Rooter blades were always sharp, but over the years improvements in metallurgy and the creation of new alloys has created blades that are harder than ever. This means that they not only stay sharper longer, but they are also able to cut through roots that much more easily.

Plug in rooters: There have always been powerful rooters, but the most powerful were always truck-based or gasoline-powered. Technology has allowed rooters to be more efficient; so efficient that plug-in versions can be smaller and easier to transport while still packing the same punch.

Sewer Jetters: Perhaps the biggest leap forward for the toughest clogs has been the sewer jetter. While it still uses the same type of coiled hose to power through clogs, the sewer jetter added pressurized water to the mix. Once the hose powers through the clog, it can spray backwards and attack the clog from the rear (spraying forward with the amount of force needed would send it backward in the pipe; alternately, spraying backward while the hose is taut allows it to stay in one place and pound the clog and roots). Sewer jetters are great, but they require a lot of training because you’re adding the water component that complicates the issue. There’s also the concern with…

Safety: Whirling blades, water under such pressure that it can cut skin, and bacterial pathogens: all in a day’s work! Training with the equipment is the first step to being safe, and we are constantly learning new techniques on new machines. We’re also more and more aware of airborne illnesses and the dangers associated with disease-laden water.

The equipment itself is also more safe than it was even 20 years ago. There are fewer dangers to fingers, and auto shutoffs can prevent flying blades in the worst circumstances when they exit the pipes. Modern cleaners have also gotten much better at disinfecting the equipment after use.

Sewer Cameras: In the public eye, the most obvious change in the sewer game has been the sewer camera, aka the sewer scope. Advances in digital technology, LED lighting, flat screen televisions, miniature cameras, and the ability to work in dark environments have all lead to the capability to find out exactly what’s going on in your sewer pipe. This allows us to get a look to find out if you’ve suffered a catastrophic break in your sewer pipe or if there’s something else going on.

Technology changes every job, and sewer drain cleaning certainly isn’t exempt. When you want us to bring the best of the best to tackle your clog, give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call!