The Advantages of Having Women At The Helm Of Your Sewer Cleaning


Women make great sewer cleaner leaders!As you might know from the big banner at the front of our site, Garvin’s just celebrated its 75th year in business, all of them serving Denver and the surrounding area. Russell P. Garvin started it as Denver’s first rooter service back in 1940, and passed it on to his great-nephew Kenneth Aston in 2002.

So, Garvin’s has already beat the odds…we were the first, we’re still here when so many others have come and gone, and we’ve managed to stay a family company.

Garvin’s has bucked the trend again by passing the day-to-day dealings of our business to three women, the daughters of Kenneth Aston. This makes Garvin’s a third-generation family business. While some might be cynical and say that maybe “keeping the business in the family” trumps “doing what’s best for the business,” we’re happy to say that we didn’t have to make the choice…putting women in charge turned out to the best thing on both fronts!

There’s no doubt that plumbing and sewer cleaning has always been a man’s world. But having women in charge has perfectly coincided with where the world of sewer cleaning needs to go. So why has putting women in charge been such a positive aspect of Garvin’s continued growth?

They know the workings: First of all, let’s talk about the idea of keeping the business in the family. If you grow up and your father (Kenneth) is running a sewer drain cleaning company, you’re going to grow up knowing the business. You’re going to hear stories about the right way to treat customers, the best way to run a business, and what the employees did to get accolades. You’ll also be taking part in the community service projects that Garvin’s participates in around Denver. You hear about the best equipment to use for certain jobs, and about the advances in sewer cleaning technology. When you grow up around it, you can’t help but find yourself immersed in the company.

Customer service: Sure it’s a stereotype, but on the whole women seem to be able to keep their heads about them a little better when dealing with a difficult customer. We might be faking our calm attitude when a customer calls in and yells at us, but we’re less likely to yell back (at first, anyway!)

Your home: Again, we’re diving into stereotypes a little here, but bear with us. Sometimes men tend to be a bit messy at home, not understanding that some people like to keep things in better order. Having women in charge at Garvin’s allows us to connect with the customer’s interest in keeping their home clean, so we’re sure to drive the point home to our service techs on the importance of respecting the cleanliness of a customer’s home. That’s why we have disposable foot coverings at the ready if you should request that we wear them.

The Truth About Flushing: Most men have a hard time with the word “tampon.” Women much less so, and that’s good when we have a blog called “What Flushable Things You Shouldn’t Flush.” We’re going to be upfront about it, and encourage our technicians to do the same.

Having women in charge of a sewer cleaning company is forward-thinking, but it really makes sense. Have any questions? (like “who’s Plumber Girl?”) Check out the Facebook page, or call us here.