Why So Many Drain Cleaning Calls On Monday?


Here at Garvin’s, we’re ready to go. What that means is that you can call us 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year (and even February 29th this year!) and we’ll be there to take care of your unscheduled sewer emergency.

But what if it’s not an emergency? What if something happens over the weekend but it’s not so bad that you can’t wait? While we’re out every day of the year, there’s one day of the week on which we get more calls: Monday. Why is this? Well, there are a few reasons why so many people call us on Monday.

The weekend is two more days for something to go wrong: Mondays are just naturally busy for many business. People get sick over the weekend and wait until Monday to call the doctor. People organize their “to-do” list over the weekend and end up calling customer service for their broken electronics first thing on Monday.

It’s much the same with sewer and drain cleaning. People start having a problem over the weekend and they wait until Monday to give us a call.

Taxing the system: Saturday and Sundays are the days of the week that people are most likely to have lots of people over. Maybe it for the Bronco’s game, maybe it’s a company party they’re hosting. When you have lots of people over, you’ve got two things going on. First of all, you’re sending exponentially more water and waste down than you normally would. If your sewer drain was on the edge of clogging, this could send it over the edge.

Second, you have people using your sinks and toilets who aren’t used to the limitations of your system. They might flush things that go down just fine at their house but that you’re system is going to have a major problem with.

Fixing what the homeowner might not be able to: Let’s say someone notices on Tuesday that all the drains in their house are running slow. They wait a couple of days to see if the problems resolves itself (chances are slim), and then by Thursday they say to themselves “I’ll see what I can do about it over the weekend. They try something on Saturday or Sunday and realize that the problem is just too big for them. Though it’s still not an emergency, they’re just can’t wait to give us a call on Monday morning.

The superintendent: If you live in an apartment, the superintendent probably isn’t going to pay emergency rates unless the water is literally covering your floor. If he can wait, he probably will!

When you’re having trouble with your sewer drains, give Garvin’s sewer service a call no matter what day it is. We’ll be sure to take care of all of the drain cleaning and rooter service you require. See you soon!