4 Sewer Drain Problems That Are Almost Impossible To Avoid


There are precautions you can take to avoid the need for constant sewer drain cleaning, but other things aren’t so easy to avoid. For instance:

Previous owners: If you’ve moved into a house that was previously owned, there’s a good chance that some of the stuff that they sent down the drain is still there. While they might have hired move-out cleaners (or maybe you hired move-in cleaners) to make the house sparkle when you bought it, there’s a lot of stuff left in the drains that you can’t see but can still affect your health and the health of your drains.

Because you don’t know how they treated your drains, problems might arise. However, you can avoid these problems if you call us for some of our Denver-famous preventive drain cleaning service.

Hair: Even if you use a hair trap, some of those hairs are going to slip down the drain when you shower. When you combine that with the grime that builds up because of skin cells, soap and hair products, your shower drain will eventually back up, leaving you to feel uncomfortable in standing water. Keep your sewer drains clean and send the stuff that comes off your body all the way down to the public sewer pipes.

Tree Roots: Trees! We love them! But their roots are constantly searching for water and nutrients, and sewer pipes give a constant supply of both. Roots getting into a sewer pipe is pretty normal and doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need a sewer line replacement any time soon. But it’s important to keep the roots cleared out so that they don’t grab passing toilet paper and create a clog that could back up into your home. You can’t necessarily avoid tree roots, but you can keep the roots at bay with proper rooter service.

Time: You use hair traps, you buy the fastest-degrading toilet paper, you don’t put a pizza plate in the dishwasher until all of the grease has been wiped off and put into the trash. Maybe you even stop stuff from going down your garbage disposal “just to be sure.”

You can be the most careful person in the world, but eventually over the days, months, and years, stuff is going to build up in your drains and sewer lines. It’s not your fault, and some of it can be attributed to the problems listed above.

Total Collapse: Entropy! Order becomes disorder! It’s the reason you have to clean your house, the reason that your old Zenith television wore out, the reason everything eventually gives out. We’ve been in the business for over 75 years and have seen a lot of sewer lines give up the ghost. We’ve also seen 75-years-old sewer lines that are just fine. Eventually, though, shifting ground and huge roots will cause it to crack and prevent your sewage from reaching the public sewer line. When this happens, we can send the sewer camera down to see what the damage is, and if it’s a total loss, we can recommend reputable sewer line replacement companies.

There are fixes to your problems, but not if you ignore them. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call and we’ll make sure your drain cleaning and sewer cleaning are taken care of in a snap.