If You Manage Hotels and Motels In Denver, Drain Cleaning Should Be A Top Priority


Denver hotels need drain cleaningDenver has its share of great hotels and just okay hotels. Same when it come to motels. But whether you manage one or a dozen, there’s one thing that should be at the top of your list…drain cleaning.

Why is this, you might ask, when everything seems to be running fine

You Can’t Control What Your Guests Send Down The Toilet – If a person is staying one night at a hotel, how much do they care how they’re affecting the drains and sewer system of the entire hotel? Even if they are there for a week, they’ll never treat your drain system with the same respect as they would with their own, where they are the ones responsible. So what’s going down to clog up your drains? Rolls of toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, condoms, food too stinky to leave in the trash, and the dietary leavings of businessmen eating meat-heavy diets on an expense account. All heading down your drains and hurting your sewer system.

Sinks – Much like toilets, it’s impossible to determine exactly what people are thinking when they send stuff down the drain. Sure, you can forgive the occasional toothbrush, because it was probably an accident. But how did all that dental floss get down there? Are they simply using it and tossing it in the sink? We’re sure your handymen have found some other pretty weird other stuff down the sink as well, and eventually it’s going to get so bad that you need to call professional drain and sewer cleaners

Shower Drains – If you never have to drain your shower drains at home, there’s a good chance you’re someone with short hair. But when you’ve got people from all walks of life showering, they’re going to send all sorts of long hair down the drain. Just because it’s not a problem that you deal with personally doesn’t mean that it’s not something you have to deal with professionally.

Your Restaurant Could Be Adding To The Problem – If you’re having trouble with your sewers constantly clogging, there’s a good chance that your restaurant may be part of the problem. Grease traps are great, but you have to make sure they’re drained and properly cleaned with a sewer jetter. And even the best ones can’t be 100% efficient. If your sewer pipes are constantly needing cleaning, maybe it’s time to get a new sewer trap installed.

If You’re Having Trouble With One Drain… – Sometimes drain problems aren’t really drain problems. If you’re having trouble with one drain, sure, it might be just that one drain. But if you’re having trouble with many drains in your hotel, there’s a good chance that’s it sewer service that you’re needing.

Taking care of a hotel or motel (or many) is a huge responsibility, and how your guests feel about it determines whether or not they’ll come back. If they have any problems because of the drains, it could lead to a bad review online that could convince others not to come. Don’t let your drains be the cause of lost business…call Garvin’s Sewer Service today!