When Your Car Wash Needs Commercial Drain Cleaning, Give Garvin’s Sewer Service A Call!


Most people who go to a car wash never even think about the water. Well, that’s not true; they think about the water that’s coming down and hitting their car, but they never think about where it goes once it rolls off their hood.

Here at Garvin’s Sewer Service, we actually think about that a lot. We have a number of car wash clients who rely on us as their drain and sewer cleaners so that their business can keep running. We’re big fans of car washes, since we know what happens at home when people wash their cars…everything goes down the storm sewer and directly into the water system untreated. Good thing your water goes to the sewer so that it can be treated.

Of course, the runoff from your business can’t get to the sewer system to be treated unless it’s free from debris. What service can we offer you from Garvin’s?

Drain Cleaning Services: You never know what you’re going to knock off of someone’s car. We’re not talking about antennas, we’re talking about the junk that they bring in with them. Huge clumps of mud, rocks, sticks, and stuff you’d never guess would stick to a car in the first place! Sure, your drains can handle a lot, but mix that with the grease that can comes off of undercarriages and brakes and you can need a drain cleaner in no time.

Sewer Cleaning Service: Just because it goes down the drains doesn’t mean that it’s gone for good. Eventually you’re going to need sewer cleaning to scrape everything out all the way to the public sewer line. Garvin’s is the sewer cleaner you need.

Preventive Maintenance Programs: Why wait until you’re standing in two inches of water to give us a call? With our preventive maintenance program, we’ll keep everything cleaned out year-round so that so that you never have to turn a customer away due to a clogged drain or sewer.

At Garvin’s, we want to help you keep your business running. Let us help you by giving us a call today!