Run A Hair Salon? Our Preventive Maintenance Drain Cleaning Will Keep You Running

Why hair salons need drain cleaning so muchHas there ever been a business more in need of professional drain cleaning that a hair salon? After all, you’re constantly sending one of the most notorious drain cloggers right down the pipe!

Here are Garvin’s, we’re dedicated to commercial plumbing and every business that needs drain cleaning. And when it comes to hair salons, we know exactly what’s going on and how to deal with it.

The Hair: Of course, hair is the biggest culprit. You’re not only cutting it, but you’re also massaging scalps during the shampoo, causing some to come loose and others to finally fall out. And it all goes straight down the drain. That’s the last time you’ll ever see it again…unless, of course, your drains back up and it floats back up into the sink. That will gross you and your customer out. When you get drain cleaning taken care of, we’ll get rid of that hair so the next two items in our list can’t grab on.

The Shampoo and Conditioners: If you’ve ever cleaned a shower drain, you’ll notice lots of gross stuff hanging onto the hairs you find there. Some of this is shampoo and conditioner that never lathered, and it just gloms onto the hair and doesn’t wash down the drain. That in turn grabs more hairs. We’ll make sure that stuff goes away for good.

All that other stuff: You work in a hair salon, so you know about some of the weird chemicals you use. If you have a clogged drain and those chemicals are trapped, you certainly don’t want to go the Drano route. Mixing chemicals like that could cause toxic fumes that could sicken everyone in the shop.

The best way to take care of all of this is with regular drain cleaning, where we come in at a set time to make sure that there’s never time for anything you send down your drain to pile up. If you don’t go for that, make sure to call us at the first sign of a problem. Contact Garvin’s today!