Sewer Cleaners For Car Lots and Garages

dreamstime_xxl_44087249Here at Garvin’s, we’ve been serving Denver’s houses for over 75 years. And most of the customers in those houses think that that’s all we do, but they’d be very wrong. After all, businesses all over the metro area need us to take care of their drains both inside and outside.

Car lots are a big client of ours, and it makes a lot of sense. After all, there are drains all over a car lot that most people never even think about. And when the drains and sewer lines get clogged, you start to look bad and lose business. That’s why you need sewer cleaners like Garvin’s.

The Lot Drains: We know of a car lot in Greeley where the entire lot was on a slant, and their most public corner was right at the bottom of that hill. They didn’t have preventive sewer service, and if it rained too much (or all the snow melted) most of that water pooled in their front lot, submerging some of the car tires up to four inches of water. When people drove in to take a look, they saw the cars under less-than-perfect conditions, and if they wanted to test drive one they’d be out of luck. It’s not a positive situation for the customer or the car salesmen. Remember, the storm sewer lines on your property are your responsibility, so keep them clean for everyone’s sake..

Garages: Service centers should have the proper means to dispose of oil, grease, brake fluid, and the like. It’s obvious that these don’t go down the drain, and very illegal if they do. But garages get dirty and dusty, as dirt is knocked off from the underside of cars, dust flies from brakes, and rocks fall from tires. A lot of this is swept up, but just as much goes down the drain and starts to clog your drains up. Plus you have to consider the sinks that your techs are washing their hands in.

Showrooms: Don’t ignore the drains that your customers are using! When you do that, your toilets start running slow and the sinks near the coffee machines start to stink. You’ve probably spent quite a lot of money making the waiting room comfortable for them, so make sure that the restrooms and snack station don’t cause them to have any negative thoughts about your dealership.

Car Wash: Nothing is going to slow down your drains and sewers faster than the car wash at a dealership. It’s constantly in use: new cars come in and they need a wash. New cars go out the door and need a wash. Same for used cars. And if you’re offering free car washes with service, you’re washing off all the gunk that customers bring in, and it’s going into your drains.

Don’t let your need for sewer drain cleaning get in the way of helping your customers. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call today and we’ll take care of all the drain service and sewer cleaning you have. Let us be your dealership’s sewer cleaners!