Happy Thanksgiving! Here Are Three Things You Can Do Ensure You’ll Need Emergency Drain Cleaning Service!

You'll need drain cleaning service if you abuse the grease!

Pour me down the drain…at your peril!


[A tongue-in-cheek blog post from Garvin’s Sewer Service:]

Happy Thanksgiving, all! We hope you’ve got some great plans to invite people over and stuff yourself with a stuffed turkey.

But when your guests all go home, maybe you get a bit lonely and want to have some company from your local sewer service. If this is the case, here are a couple Thanksgiving “invites” that will have us at your door in a flash!

Pour That Turkey Oil Down The Toilet!: If you deep-fried a turkey this year, you’ve got to do something with the oil, right? When you pour the turkey oil down the toilet, it’s not only the oil you have to worry about but the grease that came from the turkey itself. And grease down a toilet drain? Oh boy, this is a gold mine for us! All those twists and turns in a toilet will have us there for a while. [Joking aside: What should you do with it? Most recycling centers will accept used cooking oil.]

Pour That Turkey Grease Down The Kitchen Sink!: If you want us to come for drain cleaning, one of the fastest ways to get us there is to pour the grease from the turkey down your sink. In liquid form it slides right down. But then it starts to congeal, and it leaves some of itself behind. Cold water makes it cling to the sides of your drains, but then warm water sends it down further until it conceals in your sewer lines. Drain cleaning becomes sewer cleaning, so we’ll stick around even longer! [Joking aside: Never send grease of any kind down the drain. Wipe it off with a paper towel and throw it in the trash, or use it for cooking if you’re not too health conscious.]

In all seriousness, we all know you shouldn’t do either of these things. While we make our money from drain cleaning and sewer cleaning, we certainly don’t want you to have to go through the problems associated with these actions. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!