The Tools Of Sewer Cleaners: Sewer Cameras, Rooters, Jetters, and More!:


call-us_ctaWhen you’re in need of rooter service or drain cleaning, we know that you’re probably not in the best mood. After all, the stuff that usually leaves your home with no problem just won’t leave as quickly or as thoroughly as you’d like, so you’re probably more than a little worried about your sewer system.

Depending on the problems you’ve outlined to our customer service representative, we can load up our truck with a variety of equipment to help you get your drains and sewer lines flowing again. Some we bring every time, some we bring only on special occasions.

Garvin’s Uniform: While you might not think of a uniform as a tool at first, it plays an important part in the relationship you have with Garvin’s. First of all, it tells you that’s it’s okay to open the door, because this sewer specialist is from the place you called. Second, it represents quality; we’re not contracting your job out to a lesser company. Instead, you’re getting Garvin-trained professionals with our 75-years of Denver sewer cleaning experience behind them.

Protective foot coverings: If we’re heading into your unfinished basement through the cellar door, we probably won’t need to put on foot coverings. But if you’re concerned for your carpet, don’t hesitate to ask. We have protective foot coverings because we truly want to give your home the respect it deserves. After all, we’re there to make your home better!

Protective mats: Depending on the job we’re there for, protective mats and protective covers might be used. This can help protect your floor and sink, though for smaller jobs like drain cleaning such protection might not be necessary. After all, we’re very good with our equipment, so the chances of us causing a huge mess is pretty small. If you’re in the middle of a sewer emergency, protecting your furnace room floor might be the least of your worries!

Rooters: Rooters, also called sewer snakes, power snakes, or plumber’s snakes, are the workhorses of our business. They are tried and true and have been around for decades. They work to mechanically dislodge clogs and clean the insides of sewer pipes and drains with sharp blades. Rooters used inside are plugged in for their power. Truck-based rooters are gasoline powered.

Sewer Jetters: Sewer jetters are next-generation rooters.Sewer jetters are considerably more complex because you’re adding water to the mix. Imagine if a traditional rooter and a pressure washer had a baby…that’s the sewer jetter! Sewer jetters can physically break through the clog and also attack it with backward-spraying pressurized water.

Sewer Cameras: Sewer cameras, aka sewer scopes, are a great way to find out exactly what’s going on in our sewer line. It has a tiny camera at the end of a coil that can show us why you might be having repeated trouble with clogs. A sewer scope procedure is a an additional charge, so it’s usually only necessary if you’re having symptoms of a broken line.

Stellar Service!: What else do we bring with us? Stellar service! We’re dedicated to giving you the best drain and sewer cleaning in Denver, so we train our technicians to deliver on our promises. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call today and we’ll bring everything it takes to do the job right.