The Secret War Going On During Halloween: Put Pumpkin Guts Down Your Sink and Drain Cleaning Quickly Follows!


Pumpkin guts create drain cleaning problems.Halloween can be a fun time of year, but there’s something nefarious that goes on that no one ever talks about…the secret war between pumpkin guts and kitchen drains!

When you’re cleaning out your pumpkins, everything is all gooey and sticky, and you might think that the seeds and guts will slide right down the drain. In fact, most people avoid putting it into the garbage disposal because of the seeds, but it’s everything else that really causes the problem.

Garbage Disposals: The real culprit here is the stringy goop of the guts. You know how hard it is to pull that stuff out of the pumpkin by hand, and most people end up using a scoop to get it all out. Now imagine the garbage disposal blades are trying to cut through soft, gooey, gluey strands that are nearly impossible to break.

The pumpkin seeds present their own problem. Just like green firewood is harder to cut than dried firewood, the water in pumpkin seeds causes the cells to stick together and not let go. If you’ve ever had dry seeds, you know how fibrous they can be. When they’re wet, multiply that by 10 and you’ll see why the seeds can cause problems

The Sinks: Whatever parts of the pumpkin that make it past the garbage disposal will doom you to a Halloween professional drain cleaning. That’s because the pumpkin gut hardens to what can only be described as “nature’s concrete.” Don’t believe us? Put some on your countertop or a plate and let it dry. You’ll find that it’s incredibly hard to get off, and having a professional come in for drain and sewer cleaning is your only option.

Worst case scenario…you need a new garbage disposal and professional sewer drain cleaning. We can help you out of that problem, but we’d rather it didn’t happen in the first place. Have a Happy Halloween from your neighbors at Garvin’s Sewer Service!