Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Have Us On Speed Dial If You Need Emergency Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning during the holidaysNow that Thanksgiving is behind us, it’s time to start thinking of Christmas. Will you be having someone over? Maybe lots of someones? Or will you heading to someone else’s place for the holiday. Either way, we’ve got some advice on how you can make things go very smoothly.

If You’re Having People Over: If you’re having people over, your plumbing is going to have a lot more demands put on it than usual. The age of your house and the neighborhood you’re in will probably have a huge impact on how this all goes down [pun intended]. If you’ve had sewer problems before and sewer cleaning hasn’t helped, you might just close your eyes and hope for the best. Unfortunately, that’s going to cause a lot of uncomfortable situations when people flush the toilet and it doesn’t go away. Then they have to awkwardly ask for a plunger, and that’s all they’ll ever remember every time they use your bathroom in the future.

The easiest way to deal with this is honesty. You don’t have to make the announcement that you have slow plumbing the second they walk in the door, but putting a sticky note beside the toilet paper saying something like “please be sparing with the toilet paper, as we’ve had slow drains lately. Multiple flushes recommended!” It’s better to deal with the problem preemptively than having you bathroom floors covered in water.

If You’re Going Someplace Else: The most important thing to remember when heading to someone else’s bathroom for the holidays (okay, that sounded weird, but you know what we mean) is that their plumbing is not your plumbing. They might have been having problems with their drains and haven’t gotten around to proper drain cleaning yet. Stuff that goes down at your place might not even attempt to drain at someone else’s.

So go easy on it while you’re there. And if we learned anything from Dumb and Dumber, it’s this: maybe give it a flush first to make sure that the toilet itself is working before you try to send anything of yours down.

The Takeaway: There are two basic ideas to take away from this, First  if you haven’t had drain cleaning and sewer cleaning in a while, right before guests arrive might be a great time to make sure everything is in great shape before you put your sewer system to the test. Second, make sure you have the information you need (and need to pass along) before making full use of the drains.

Ready to get ready for the holidays? Put a bow on it with proper sewer and drain cleaning from Garvin’s Sewer Service, celebrating 75 Christmases in the Denver area!