Why To Call Us For Your Sewer Snake Drain Cleaning?


Drain cleaning can be needed after the holidaysHey folks, the holidays are upon us and you’re probably cooking more and more. And as we cook more and more, we clean more dishes and more goes down the drain.

When that happens, your sewer system might tell you that it’s finally had enough, and when your pipes get so bad that you just can’t take it any more, it’s probably time to call Garvin’s Sewer Service so that you can take full advantage of our sewer snake drain cleaning service.

Now you might be thinking “oh, I’ll just take care of it myself. I can just grab one of those little handheld coils and get to work.” Well, here are a few reasons you might want to rethink that.


The Length:

The Consumer Sewer Snake: We’ll start with the obvious limitation of consumer tools. Most of them are actually plumber’s snakes, only able to tackle a short length of drain and getting nowhere near many clogs.

Our Sewer Snake: Whether you need drain cleaning or full-on sewer cleaning, we’ve got the length you need that will send down clogs from individual pipes or for your entire sewer line.


The Sharpness:

The Consumer Sewer Snake: Most made-for-consumer sewer snakes just aren’t that sharp, and are made more for poking at a clog than obliterating it.

Our Sewer Snake: We keep our sewer snakes sharp, and we have to because we’re tearing through a lot of gunk and tree roots every day.


The Danger!

The Consumer Sewer Snake: While most consumer sewer snakes aren’t very sharp, most of them do have a point at the end that can be dangerous, especially to your eyes.

Our Sewer Snake: Stand back…we’re professionals! Doing this every day has taught us the proper safety precautions so that we can handle the snake even when it hits something tough.


The Thoroughness:

The Consumer Sewer Snake: Most consumer sewer snakes just go down the drain and scrape a little here, move a little along there…

Our Sewer Snake: A professional sewer snake gets wall-to-wall inside your pipe, breaking up the problem and sending it on its way down the sewer.


Protect The Pipes!
The Consumer Sewer Snake: Even if you rent a professional level sewer snake, do you know when and when not to use it? Some sewer snakes are sharp enough to damage plastic pipes, which can cause leaks and additional locations where tree roots can get in.

Our Sewer Snake: We know what machine to use when, and which blades will work best with your pipes. It’s the advantage of bringing in experts for your sewer cleaning!
When it’s time to take care of your drain cleaning and sewer cleaning, bring in the professionals. Contact Garvin’s Sewer Service, who has been serving Denver and all of its suburbs for over 75 years. Give us a call today!