3 Things That Can Go Wrong With Drain Cleaning Chemicals


When it comes to drain cleaning, there are two basic ways to do it: chemical and mechanical. We’ll be perfectly honest in this debate…any drain cleaner worth his salt will always go mechanical. That’s because just about anything you send down your drain isn’t really fixing the problems long term, but simply eating though the clog just enough to let the water head down. That’s why you’re so likely to have problems again and again when you “clean” a drain with chemicals, because that hole that the drain cleaner created will just get stopped up again in no time.

So we’re not fans of chemical cleaners because they don’t work. But it’s also because we appreciate our employees and want them to be healthy. And trust us, chemical drain cleaning is not the way to keep people healthy. What happens when you use them?

You Might Splash Now: Let’s just get this out of the way…if you go against our suggestions and try a chemical solution for your drain cleaning, wear eye, hand, and mouth protection. It might splash when it goes down your drain, it might release an air bubble that makes it splash back onto you. If any of these chemicals get in or on you, it’s a trip to the emergency room. And trust us, calling us for mechanical drain cleaning is a lot cheaper than a trip to the ER!

You Might Splash Later: Here’s something that most people don’t think about when they are using chemicals for drain cleaning. Let’s say you send some chemical cleaner down the non-garbage disposal side of the drain. Many people forget that the garbage disposal side is connected to the non-disposal side, and if the drain cleaner backs up too much it can back up into the garbage disposal. If someone uses the garbage disposal (and it’s unlikely they’ll be wearing safety glasses), the drain cleaner can spray up out of either drain and splash their eyes, nose, and mouth.

You’re Definitely Dealing With Poison!: Just having this stuff in your house should scare you, even if it goes directly from the grocery bag and down your drain. It’s bad stuff, designed to destroy. Not to get too graphic, but think about what it’s supposed to eat through when it gets down the drain: hair, fat, animal skin, and grease. Now think about what you’re made up of…many of the same things! And if it’s drunk by anyone in the house, the chances of survival are slim, and the chances of lifelong complications approach 100%. On top of that, it’s a huge pain for the sewage treatment plant and for the environment.

What’s the solution to all of these problems? Give Garvin’s a call when you need a drain cleaning service. We’ll make sure to not only get rid of the clog but clean your drain out so well that there’s nothing for the next refuse to grab onto.