Top 3 Advantages Of Using Our Mechanical Rooter Service For Your Sewer Drain Cleaning


Sewer cleaning needs proper rooter serviceHere at Garvin’s, we’re dedicated to bringing you the ultimate sewer drain cleaning service. That’s why our rooter service is mechanical instead of chemical, because it’s the best available option. Why?

It keeps the chemicals out of your drain: First of all, you don’t need us to bring caustic chemicals into your home. Second, you don’t want that stuff down your drain, because when it doesn’t work it’s just going to get in the way of future cleaning efforts (You most certainly don’t want to mix these drain cleaners, as they can release noxious clouds of gas.)

It keep the chemicals out of the water system: If you’re on the city’s sewage system, you might think that a chemical cleaner won’t bother them. In fact, chemical cleaners are horribly caustic and difficult to remove entirely from the water. And if you have a break in your sewer line, you’re just sending poison into your yard and the underground water table.

It works!: This might just be the best reasons to use a mechanical means to clean your drains and sewer system…a sewer snake works! Chemical sit on a clog and do their best to eat through it. But when they do, then they just go away down the drain. There might be a small hole in the clog, but that’s just going to get stopped up again as you send stuff down. A mechanical rooter service will take care of your drain edge-to-edge, giving the next drain detritus nothing to grab onto. And when it comes to roots, don’t even think about using a chemical sewer cleaning. The chemical will just pass right by them, barely making contact.

Get your pipes clean with mechanical rooter service and be sure to take care of the problem. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call and you’ll never be sorry!