3 Advantages Of Preventive Drain Cleaning


Drain cleaning keeps things moving!Everyone makes mistakes and sends some stuff down them that they really shouldn’t. It might be the grease that a paper towel just won’t take off your pots and pans, or it might be that antibacterial wipe that you wiped the toilet with and then flushed.

So eventually everyone needs drain cleaning. And even though you can wait until your drains back up to take care of the problem, wouldn’t it just be easier to have it perpetually taken care of with a preventive drain cleaning service?

It Gives You Peace of Mind: Knowing that your drains are clean is simply a good feeling. You can clean your sink and you can clean your bathroom, but some people just don’t like thinking about the scum that collects just down the pipe, inches away from where they’re cleaning their dishes. Preventive drain cleaning sends the yuck further down the drain and makes sure it won’t get caught.

If You Don’t Want To See It Again: Drains can back up…no surprise there. So if they do, you’re going to see stuff that you thought was gone. And that’s not a good feeling. Preventive drain cleaning can make sure you have that much less a chance of ever seeing it again.

If You’re a Little Less Careful: Let’s say that you’re one of those types of people who just won’t listen. You’ve read every one one of our blogs (thank you!) about not pouring grease down the drain (seriously, don’t do it) and not flushing paper towels. But you just can’t seem to care. We can’t condone these actions, but we can make sure that your drains are cleaned so that everything moves through easily.

You don’t wait for your engine to overheat before you replace the oil in your car, so why wait for your drains to back up before seeking help? Preventive drain cleaning can help your drains and also prevent the need for frequent sewer cleaning. Give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call!