Avoid Drain Cleaning By Taking A Few Precautions

drain_cta_revEventually we all need drain cleaning. After all, you’ve got stuff going down the drain every day, and over time some of it is going to stick to your drain and start a clog.

So while we look forward to your call when you do eventually need drain cleaning, we’ve got a few hints that can help you avoid needing it too soon. After all, if our van is in front of your house too often, it looks like we’re doing a bad job!

Avoid the Grease – Most homes don’t have grease traps, so the best thing for you to do is avoid sending it down the sink in the first place. Grease is easily the biggest offender of stuff that ends up clogging the drains. That’s because it looks harmless when it’s a liquid but quickly solidifies when it hits the cold water in your pipes. You can collect it in a tin can to pitch or reuse later, wait for it to solidify and then wipe it into the trash can, or recycle it if you have that option… cooking grease can actually be turned into fuel for some diesel vehicles.

Use the Strainer Basket – Many people who have a garbage disposal get kind of sloppy when it comes to sending stuff down the drain. It’s not the stuff they send down the garbage disposal that’s the problem, but the stuff that they allow to go down the other side of the sink (the non-garbage disposal side). Always be sure to use the strainer basket on that side of the sink so that you’re catching solids.

Here’s the biggest thing to remember…just because it seems like it went down the sink doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. It could get caught and remain in your drain or sewer for years. How do you avoid problems? Don’t send it down in the first place. And when you do start having problems, give Garvin’s Sewer service a call for all your drain and sewer cleaning needs. Call us today!