6 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Water Heater Installation Done Garvin’s Sewer Service


Why Garvin's Sewer Service Should Be Your Water Heater Installers

We wear belts!

Here at Garvin’s we’re more than just drain cleaning and sewer repair. We’re also plumbing experts, and can handle any faucet replacements or repairs you might need.

We also handle water heater installation, and while it might seem at first like a simple replacement, it’s actually a good idea to have a professional handle it. Why?

Transportation: If you decide that you’re going to take care of a water heater replacement on your own, you have to go to the hardware store and purchase it, load it into your truck, get it home, through your door (just when do you take it out of the box, anyway?), slide it down the steps to your basement, and wiggle it into the place of your old one. Now, you might be aware that water heaters have a cylinder of glass inside. That’s a lot of steps to go through without breaking that glass lining. If you break it, you’re out the cost of a water heater. And do you have the knowhow to find out if it broke in the first place? Garvin’s Sewer Service does!

Keep It Up To Code: We know a guy who was thinking about replacing his water heater himself. He figured he could just take a picture of how everything was connected and replicate that on the new one. After he decided against this plan, he had it professionally installed and was glad he did. City code had changed since his old water heater was installed, and the old way was obsolete. We’re always on top of changing code with gas lines, water heaters, and, of course, sewer service.

Safety: Safety is, of course, the most important aspect of having your water heater installed by a professional. This starts with keeping everyone safe during the transportation and making sure that your home doesn’t have any holes in the drywall when we leave. It also involves hooking up everything according to code and then checking with our gas monitors to make sure that all of the pipes are properly sealed. Gas water heaters can release colorless and odorless gases that that can harm or kill, so it’s important that these monitors detect no gas leaks when we’re done.

Avoiding the mess: You don’t install this many water heaters without learning a few things about cleanup! We have enough experience that we can avoid many of the messes that people make when they’re installing their own water heaters.

Increased Efficiency: Replacing your water heater is a great way to increase the energy efficiency; technology has made water heaters much more efficient that those made just a decade ago. But once you get it installed, do you know the best setting for its most efficient usage? Also, if something got bumped on its way from the factory to your basement, it’s good to be able get it back to its proper setting that will get you the best use of our your unit.

Disposal: Disposing of an old water heater might at first seem easy, but if it’s in the basement, it doesn’t get to slide down the stairs…you need to get it up the stairs somehow! Then you might have to deal with a disposal fee at the recycling center. Wouldn’t it just be easier to have Garvin’s Sewer Service deal with it?

When it comes to water heater replacement, it’s a much more complicated endeavor than most people realize. Have Garvin’s Sewer Service take care of it and you can be sure it’s installed properly!