3 Toilet Paper Steps You Can Take To Avoid Constant Sewer Cleaning

dreamstime_9956210We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…toilet paper is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to a house needing sewer cleaning. Most of the super-plush, multi-ply toilet paper doesn’t dissolve very well, and it can just sit there for years, grabbing everything that goes by and just building and building until it clogs up and requires the use of a professional sewer snake.

So what do you do, stop using toilet paper?! That’s crazy, right? (maybe it’s not…more on that in a minute).

Use toilet paper that disintegrates: Obviously, not all toilet paper is created equal. The stuff you find at the gas station isn’t nearly as comfortable as the stuff you’ll stock your own bathroom with, but here’s the thing…the gas station toilet paper is much less likely to clog up the toilet. There are some comfortable brands that still disintegrate, and Consumer Reports has a review just this month on them (spoiler alert: White Cloud Ultra Soft and Thick is tops in comfort and disintegration…you didn’t hear it from us).

Use less toilet paper: Put simply, most people just use too much toilet paper. The easiest way to fix this? Use less! You’ll save money and your plumbing.

Use a bidet: A wise paragraph once said “So what do you do, stop using toilet paper?! That’s crazy, right?” Well, what if you used a bidet? If you’re not familiar, a bidet is an attachment to your toilet that sprays a stream of water to wash you off after you’ve used the restroom. It’s traditionally been used in Europe, but they’re becoming much more popular in America. It eliminates the need for traditional toilet paper, and you can even get water warmers so that they’re more comfortable. People who use them swear by them.

What will you do to make sure that you don’t need premature sewer cleaning? Different toilet paper? Less toilet paper? None at all?