Those Three Drain Cleaning Points That You Need To Keep On Top Of


Showers don't always need drain cleaningBefore anything gets to the sewer, it has to go down your drains. So the drains in your home are the points that you and your family have direct control over. So, sometime when you’re not eating, call everyone together and have the “drain talk” with them. This will ensure that you don’t have to have the “throw out half your stuff because the sewer backed up” talk with them later.

Sinks: Sinks are perhaps the biggest offender when it comes to clogged drains. Most of the time it’s not the food that starts the problem…it’s the grease. Even though grease might make it down the first part of your drain, it cools quickly. And because grease is hydrophobic, the water you send down after it isn’t washing it down…out of sight isn’t always out of mind. Grease slowly crawls down your line until it gets big enough and starts collecting everything behind it…and we mean everything mentioned below.

Toilets: The “people stuff” you send down the toilets isn’t a huge problem. It’s the stuff that toilet drains weren’t meant to handle that causes the problems. One of these is the super-thick toilet paper you use, and we have a great blog about it here.


Also, don’t flush feminine hygiene products, even if they’re labeled “flushable.” That’s a marketing ploy put there by someone who doesn’t have to worry about your drains or your sewer lines. They’re not going to be the ones you call when you need sewer cleaning, and they’re not going to take that responsibility. Garvin’s is the one who can show you the blockage on the sewer cam and tell you “yep, that’s them. Shouldn’t have flushed them.”

Showers and baths: Showers can be a tough one. After all, the only stuff that you send down there is water, soap, and…oh right, hair. That’s the big culprit right there. The good thing is that a good drain trap can collect most of the hair so that it can be discarded into the wastebasket. All it takes is a little bit of effort to prevent the bulk of hair from heading down the drain.

Following these simple rules can go a long way to needing drain cleaning any time soon. Preventive maintenance drain cleaning is another way to keep your drains running as smooth as possible. Contact Garvin’s Sewer Service when you need the best in town!