3 Types Of Businesses In The Most Need Of Commercial Drain Cleaning


Beauty Parlors need extensive commerical drain cleaningHere at Garvin’s we’ve been serving the Denver area for over 75 years, and we love helping residents in their time of need. We’ve also served many, many businesses over the years, businesses that many people would never associate with needing sewer and drain cleaning services. Here’s a short list of some of our regular customers.

Car Washes: When you wash you car at home, all of the soap and grime heads to the gutter, then the storm drain, and then into the river. Here’s the great thing about car washes…when you use a car wash, the water goes down a drain and into the sewer system so that it’s treated before being used again. This, of course, means that their sewer lines can be a mess, because they’re filled with everything that comes off your car…rocks, grease, mud, and de-icers (such as Magnesium chloride) in winter.

Hair Salons: You wash your hair in the shower. Maybe a couple of other people use the same shower. And every few months you probably have to fish that hairball out of your drain trap.

Now imagine you’re washing the hair of a hundred people a day. That’s what a hair salon does, and they’re in constant need of drain cleaning and sewer cleaning. You do not want to see what we pull out of there!

Veterinary Clinics: While vets are there to be doctors for you pets, many will also give your pal a bath if they need it. Dogs shed, cats shed, bunnies shed…all of this goes down the drain, so vets have a constant need of drain cleaning.

So there you go…three different kinds of companies that need constant drain and sewer cleaning that you’ve probably never even thought of. If your company is in need, give Garvin’s a call!