How To Protect Your Sewer Line From Tree Roots And Reduce Your Need For Sewer Service


Keep tree roots away and prevent sewer serviceWe hope you have as many trees as you want in your yard to make our Colorado cities more beautiful and help keep our air clean. But as much as we love trees, they a bane of sewer lines. Tree roots are designed to seek out water and nutrients, and the finest roots can work their way into the joints of the sewer line and start catching the stuff that you send down your drain.

Luckily there are steps you can take to prevent your tree roots from clogging up your sewer system and prevent you from needing sewer service too soon.

Don’t plant trees over the sewer line: It’s important to know where all underground utilities are before you dig to plant your tree. In Denver you can have your underground pipes and wires flagged and mapped by requesting a survey hereKeeping trees away from your sewer line in the first place is the best way to prevent them from interacting.

Don’t plant these trees: Here’s a short list of the most common trees that have root systems that are big offenders to sewer lines: elms, gum trees, cypress trees, maples, birches, walnut trees, poplars, and willows. These trees are aggressive in sending out root systems that will eventually end up blocking your sewer line. If you do plant them, keep them at least 50 feet away from your sewer lines.

Use preventive sewer service: If you have a mature tree in your yard, you probably don’t want to take it down just because the roots are becoming a problem. The good news is that having tree roots in your sewer line doesn’t necessarily mean that your line is damaged, it just means that they need cleaned out. That’s where our preventive rooter service comes into play; we’ll send the sewer snake down and keep the roots cleaned out. It certainly doesn’t hurt the tree and is much safer, more effective, better for the tree and better for the environment than a chemical “solution.”

Taking these simple steps is the best way to make sure that you won’t need emergency sewer service anytime soon. Give Garvin a call with any questions, or contact us for preventive sewer service today!