You’ll Need A Sewer Snake If You Send This Stuff Down The Drain

video_ctaAt Garvin’s, we fully understand that you’re in a delicate situation when you call us for emergency sewer service. The stuff that you thought you’d never see again has come back to haunt you, and we’ve seen more than one person turn red from embarrassment when we point out what “that used to be.”

So we’re here today to tell you how to avoid us needing to bring the sewer snake into your home and send the bad stuff one its way. Taking this little bit of advice could save you tons of embarrassment (and money) down the line.

Offender #1: Grease — Grease might seem innocuous enough. After all, it went down the drain, so it’s gone forever, right? Nope. While you might have sent it down the drain when it was warm, it quickly cools down and congeals. You might send hot water down and it liquefies again, only to cool into a big white blob. And one time you send really hot water down and it makes its way to the sewer line. But there comes a point at which all hot water cools before it gets to the blob, and it just sits there. And sits there. And it starts collecting stuff, stuff you thought you’d never see again.

Offender #2: Toilet paper — We’re not telling you to not use toilet paper. In fact, please use toilet paper! But there are better toilet papers out there. Some break down quickly, other’s just stick around to get caught by the grease monster we mentioned up above. Check out Consumer Reports for the best toilet paper to buy, which includes how fast each disintegrates.

These are just two of the top offenders that clog up your drains and sewer lines and eventually require the use of a sewer snake.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned! Avoid flushing or pouring these things into your sewer system and you could save a whole lot of problems in the future. But if these things have already happened, don’t worry…the chances of it being something we’ve never seen before are slim. We won’t embarrass you, so give Garvin’s Sewer Service a call!