What Are The Signs Of  A Broken Sewer Line And How Can A Sewer Service Help?


dreamstime_xxl_44894370The beginning of a broken sewer line can be surprisingly subtle. Most people think that one day everything is fine and the next that your bathroom floor is covered in raw sewage.

The good thing is, there are signs to watch out for before bad things start coming back up your sink. And the right sewer service can help you repair them quickly.

Bad Odors: Drain traps are there to prevent gasses from coming back into your home. Most of the time they work amazingly well, but if your wastewater isn’t going away like it should, then some of that foul-smelling water can get back into your home and cause an odor. The same is true with any open drains you might have, such as in the room with your water heater.

Lawn Problems: Are you aware of where your sewer lines are? They’re often in your front yard, heading from your home to the main sewer lines under the street (the city can tell you where they are). If there’s a correlation between the location of your sewer lines and lawn indentations, soggy spots, or strange patterns in your grass, you might have a broken sewer line.

Persistent Clogging: This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s something that far many people ignore for far too long. If one drain in your home is slow, you probably don’t have a problem and just need drain cleaning. If it’s just sinks but the toilets are fine, same thing…you might just need need drain cleaning service. But if every drain, including your toilets, are slow or are persistently clogging, you might need sewer pipe repair.

Call Garvin’s when you think you might have a broken sewer line. We can confirm your need for sewer pipe repair with our sewer camera, or tell you if you just need a good sewer cleaning with our rooter service. Either way, you’re in good hands. Contact us today for a quote!