Are you ready for a winter sewer service emergency?

Are you ready?

dreamstime_xxl_31185967This winter has been fairly easy, but with over two more months of winter left, a few tips on winter emergency preparedness seemed to be in good order.

You can store these items in a special place- a box in the attic or basement, garage or shed. Just make sure everyone knows about them. It is a good idea to store these items in a waterproof bin, or at least in a waterproof area.


A snow shovel, a broom, a bucket and rock salt

These three items can help with most outdoor water, snow and ice concerns.


Canned foods, water, can opener, paper goods such as paper towel, toilet paper, paper plates and plastic utensils

Keeping a supply of non-perishables and bottled water is always a good idea. Remember a manual can opener as well, though.

Emergency supplies

Matches, flashlights, batteries, lighters, first aid kit, garbage bags, scissors or knife, duct tape and blankets. A battery-powered radio and a lantern are both good ideas as well and can be found at outdoorsman stores.

Misc. Items

Pet supplies and medications, baby supplies. Important documents including identification.

Vehicle Kit

Jumper cables, flares or reflective triangle, flashlight with batteries, first aid kit, water, and protein bars and a stash of cash. For outside the car, cat litter for better tire traction, shovel, ice scraper, extra warm clothes and/or blankets are good items to keep around.


Here’s where the sewer service comes into play. When you leave to visit friends and family, you probably drop the thermostat in order to save energy. That’s a good idea, but remember that water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, so don’t let it get below that. This can be especially bad if you’re in need of sewer cleaning and there’s more water in the pipes than usual.


These items are all very easy to get a hold of and can make a HUGE difference in your level of comfort should an emergency arise where you don’t have water, heat or electricity. There are lots more ideas and tips for emergencies found here:

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