Rip off Plumbers: When Drain Cleaning Goes Bad

How does Garvin’s feel about Rip Off Plumbers?

Problem 1: The guy is a salesman!

Why would anyone send a salesman to look at a plumbing job? Because he isn’t a plumber, he’s a salesman. He could have just as easily quoted her a price over the phone for a new water heater. Honestly, his clean shirt is a giveaway. (Not that a plumber can’t be clean, but if he works for a living — as opposed to sells water heaters —he might be a little dirty on the knees, shoulder and/or brow.)

Problem 2: He literally doesn’t care about the customer.

Really? He walked in circles! And he lied about not only the water heater being broken, but created fear in her by giving her bad information. I’m SO angry when people use unethical fear-based “information” to scare people into buying what they have to sell. I could go on a soapbox rant just on this, but I will restrain myself.

Problem 3: He drives away in a brand new van with a vehicle wrap

It is pretty clear at this point how he was able to pay for that. That’s all I care to say about that.

Problem 4: What are the consequences?

Now what? He goes on to plumb another day. Meanwhile, he’s taking business from ethical, honest plumbers. He’s paying his bills with other people’s money. He’s giving the plumbing profession a bad name.

If you ever get ripped off, let the BBB know! Let the Chamber of Commerce in your area know! Tell someone who can address it whether you’ve been scammed regarding drain cleaning, sewer repair, or rooter service!

With Heated Emotion,


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